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Low-Carb Veggie Gratin

Low-Carb Veggie Gratin

Type: MainsSideSouthern style coating Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbSlimming friendlyVegetarian

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Comforting Family-Style Food. Incredible Flavour & Diet-Friendly

Use the Lo-Dough Southern Style Coating as a crumb to top gratins of all shapes and sizes. 

For this one we've for a cheesy, garlicky and very satisfying low-carb vegetable gratin. Rich, belly-filling and perfect as either a side or a vegetarian main, this dish comes in at 229 kcal, 9.5g of carbs and a whopping 8g of fibre per portion.

The recipe yields 6 portions, so will feed a family if desired (or give plenty of leftovers - this will freeze brilliantly once cooked) and if there are any diet-food sceptics in the family, just don't tell them - we promise you they won't know the difference! 

Alongside a chicken breast or a piece of white fish, this would make for a very slimming-friendly meal for less than 450 kcal. 

For someone looking to up the fats for a low-carb diet, look for a fattier cut of meat like rump/rib-eye steak or a pork chop.

But for us, this works as a perfect vegetarian meal in itself - just served alongside a lightly dressed green salad or wilted greens. Perfection.