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Low Calorie Quattro Formaggi Pizza

Low Calorie Quattro Formaggi Pizza

The four cheese pizza that is under 400 calories. Yes, really...

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow calorieLow carbVegetarian

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Lo-Dough has done it again. You can now have a filling, indulgent cheesy pizza for less than 400 calories, by swapping your usual pizza base for a Lo-Dough base. Because Lo-Dough gives you leeway...


What's a Lo-Dough pizza base?

Like any other base you can buy in the supermarket, only instead of heavy, stodgy bread which is full of carbs (and calories), it is a wonderful, unique, healthy alternative. At just 39 calories per pizza base, it's nothing short of a revolution in the slimming and fitness world.

Quattro Formaggi translates to mean 4 cheese - traditionally a blue cheese (often gorgonzola), mozzarella, parmesan and a soft creamy cheese - all of which can be enjoyed on a pizza for fewer calories than ever before. 

For the Lo-Dough version, we've stuck pretty true to that, just swapping out the soft cheese, for some Eatlean Protein Cheese, which is low fat and high in protein. You can absolutely opt for a supermarket, low fat cheese without having to buy specific products, and will get a similar result.

Tips on how to use Lo-Dough? 

Lo-Dough is so versatile that it's worth reading up on the many, many things you can do with it, as well as just use it as a pizza base. Take a look at the ultimate guide to using Lo-Dough for assistance, or check our the FAQ section.