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The 64 Calorie Summer Pudding

The 64 Calorie Summer Pudding

Type: Dessert Suitable For: Gluten freeLow calorieLow fat

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Grab your Lo-Dough and make this super low calorie sweet summer dessert - it's dairy free too.

All you need to hand is fruit, Lo-Dough, a small bowl, a piece of clingfilm, a sieve and some space in your fridge. Once you've got everything you need, this is actually quite easy to make, and is almost fat free as well as very, very low in carbs.

This is a seriously tasty cold dessert, perfect for the height of summer when we all want our desserts a little more refreshing and when fruit is at its best - this is the time to celebrate fresh British fruits.

Low Calorie Summer Pudding

The low calorie dessert recipe of the summer

What's more, it's easy to prepare, ready in minutes, can be made ahead (it's actually better made in advance) and very economical with your Lo-Dough - once piece will make enough to feed four, so ideal if entertaining family or friends - perfect to enjoy after a BBQ. 

We served our's with Oatly's Vanilla Custard, which makes this a totally dairy-free dessert - but the choice is yours. Pouring cream is classic, fat-free yoghurt would work well if you were keeping an eye on calories - but even with Oatly custard, you'd only be adding an extra 60-70 calories, so it's still less than 150 calories for a portion of this luxurious dessert. 

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