Low Calorie Pizza Recipes

Welcome to guilt-free pizza heaven. If you're looking for a nutritious, healthy low carb pizza recipe then look no further. Lo-Dough, an innovative new bread substitute is the latest high-tech food innovation taking the UK by storm. With only 39 calories for the WHOLE base and 2.2g carbs. Pizza is officially back on the menu.

Low calorie pizza

We’ve put together a truly delicious, low-calorie food board with all of your favourite toppings. Think vision board for pizza. Many of these pizzas are 500 calories or less and virtually carb free so now you can give your body a nutritious treat whilst tantalising your taste buds. Win-win.

Ultra Low Carb Napoli Style Pizza


Low Carb Napoli Style Pizza

Coming in at only 158 calories, this melt in your mouth pizza should seriously be illegal. Using one piece of Lo-Dough, 100g of homemade passata sauce and 30g high-quality buffalo mozzarella, we pan fried the Lo-Dough in Frylight, added the toppings and baked in the oven for eleven minutes until golden and bubbling.

Think Napoli-style goodness with a thin and crispy base. Swoon.

Protein Packed Pepper Pizza

Protein Packed Pepper Pizza

The combination of Eatlean protein cheese (9g protein in a 45g serving) and Lo-Dough made this pizza very popular with our fitness friends. Add onions, peppers and passata for a vibrant and nutritious post gym workout meal. Get the full recipe here.

Pizza Fiorentina: The Low Carb, Low-Calorie Way

Healthy Florentine Pizza Recipe Low Carb

This simple healthy pizza recipe is jam-packed with vitamins and fibre. Boasting naturally earthy and fresh flavours, Lo-Dough Pizza Fiorentina is gluten-free, bloat free and full of yummy goodness.

For the toppings, we used 50g washed spinach, garlic,  homemade passata sauce and a perfectly cooked egg. Get the full recipe here.

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Lo-Dough has gone Insta-Wild!

We love seeing and hearing about our customer's Lo-Dough innovations. Since Lo-Dough launched back in June 2017, we have had the honour of seeing many new healthy pizza recipes pop up on our screens and into our hearts.

Here are just a few of our personal favourites:

Paprika chicken with kale, feta cheese and broccoli

Healthy Pizza Recipe using Lo-Dough

Posted by @goodbyepounds_withsw

"A week or so ago I posted that I miss pizza and @jems_sw_journey_6 told me about @lodough.co a low fat form of bread that is only 2 syns. So I decided to get some and make my own pizza which the process is here in these pictures and it was really tasty! Paprika chicken with kale and broccoli, feta cheese as my #hexa and seasoned with salt and pepper. 2 syns for the whole thing! I would definitely recommend Lo Dough (which I say like Hodor) and a huge thank you to Jemma! "

Bacon and Mushroom Pizza

Low carb chicken and bacon pizza

Posted by @sharron_sw

"Can’t believe I’m sitting here tucking into a guilt-free pizza!!! 😍 @lodough.co you are worth your weight in gold! I used heA 3xbabybell lights. (I did use a tiny sprinkling of cheese on the base, I was owed it from the other day lol 😂) so counting it as 2 for the lot!".

Protein Packed Chicken Pizza

Healthy Chicken Pizza Recipe - Protein Packed

Posted by @slimmingworlddebsx 

"Ken’s Chargrilled Chicken Lo-Dough pizza - tailored for him - mines in the oven and I am starving!" #lodough #lodoughpizza #lodoughlife

Breakfast Pizza 

Lo-Dough Breakfast Pizza

Posted by @claire_veggie_sw

"Breakfast pizza 🍕 😍 @lodough.co base (2syns), PPB 'sauce' (2syns), cinnamon grated apple and sliced banana." 👍👍👍

Eat Pizza and Lose Weight with Lo-Dough

Eating pizzas used to go hand in hand with high calorific content and a whole world of carb-laden guilt. Today you can enjoy a delicious thin and crispy pizza using Lo-Dough and still lose weight.

Lo-Dough is bread reinvented. It’s the lowest calorie and carb way to load pizza with your favourite toppings ever devised and the options are limitless. From rich and juicy cherry tomatoes with the finest buffalo Mozzarella to smoky chorizo and succulent organic chicken, Lo-Dough carries all of your favourite flavours, making it easy to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle whilst eating your favourite foods.

Each piece is:

High in Fibre  
Low Carb  
Only 39 Calories  
Fat Free 

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