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Lo-Dough: The Ultimate Low Fat Pizza Base

Lo-Dough: The Ultimate Low Fat Pizza Base

Lo-Dough turns pizza into a super food. It's little wonder that low calorie pizza recipes have become so popular - the best food ever without the the calories? Now that's an idea we can get behind.

Did you know? your average Friday night takeaway contains as many as 2000 calories and 209g carbs. It is for this reason many of us give up on pizza altogether when making new (and healthier) lifestyle decisions.

Being naturally high in fibre, Lo-Dough helps you to control blood sugar levels, maintain a healthy weight, lower cholesterol and normalise bowel movements. The result is a thin and crispy pizza that’s genuinely good for you. The result is a thin and crispy pizza that’s genuinely good for you.

Using Lo-Dough as a low fat pizza base

Gently fry first

If you like your base on the crispier side, try gently frying the Lo-Dough in a little spray oil prior to topping it. Simply brown it off over a medium high heat in a non stick frying pan, this usually takes 30 secs to a minute each side. Be careful not to burn the Lo-Dough as it can quickly go from brown to burnt.

Use passata, not puree 

Use a quality passata NOT tomato puree, we find passata makes for the best base. Look for ones with a touch of Italian herbs and olive oil. Tomato puree is too thick and dry and can burn in the oven. If you’ve only got puree available, try diluting it slightly with some water first.

Make sure to spread your tomato passata right to the edge. Lo-Dough pizza is all about enjoying delicious toppings on the lowest calorie base ever created. Make the most of the space and take it to the edge.

Add more flavour to your tomato base by using a rich pasta sauce. We’ve found that by using a tomato based pasta sauce instead of or even together with passata you can get even more flavour into your Lo-Dough pizza without adding too many calories.

Think veggie

A great way to make your pizza as filling and nutritious as possible is to get as many vegetables on there as possible. Red onion, black olives, mushrooms, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, courgettes and artichoke are our favourites. Think veggies before meat and your pizzas will be even more guilt-free and nutritious. A drizzle of smokey hot sauce or spots of pesto can also bring a pizza to life.

Use a pizza stone

Lo-Dough works incredibly well baked on a pizza stone. These are readily available and can be used to really crisp up your base and give a true pizzeria finish to your creations. Lo-Dough also works a treat in wood-fired pizza ovens, so don't miss out if you're at a pizza party with a lovely wood-fired oven.

Use an Airfryer

This is by far the best (and easiest) way to cook a Lo-Dough pizza. The Airfryer is touted as helping you to ‘fry in a healthier way with up to 75% less fat”. Spray the base with a little oil, add your passata and toppings and cook for approximately 8 minutes at 200°C.

Sweet Pizzas & Dessert Pizzas

    1. Smother the Lo-Dough in chocolate/peanut butter
      You can go to town with this, but if you really want to be super healthy, revolutionary products such as Nuttvia hazelnut chocolate spread (with zero palm oil and 97% less sugar), Nakd (gluten and dairy free) and Raw Halo (organic, raw dark chocolate) make fantastic sweet alternatives.

    2. Smother Lo-Dough in white chocolate: Because, chocolate.
      We love “Free'ist No Added Sugar White Strawberry Chocolate” available from Holland and Barrett.

    3. Make a chocolate, banana and cinnamon roll.

      Posted by @pb.n.joanne on Instagram: “When you have a 39 calorie pizza dough, you don’t do the sensible thing and make a healthy pizza... you make chocolate & peanut butter cinnamon rolls. The base is from, and I used a blend of @nuttvia spread and @waldenfarmsinternational syrup for the sauce, and topped with protein peanut butter cups from @impact_snacks, white chocolate chips and magic stars, because I’m a 5 year old and they’re still one of my favourites”  

Something Different: Pizza Swirls

low fat pizza swirls


Pizza swirls make for fabulous canapes. Serve them at a dinner party or treat the kids a tasty bite-sized treat.

Treat the swirls like a pizza: Use a good quality passata and spread to the edges of the Lo-Dough. Add your favourite ingredients and roll it up (as though you’re making a roly poly). Once cooked through, you can now slice into bite sized pieces.

You can check out our pizza swirl recipe via the Lo-Dough website.