6 Reasons Why Going Lo-Dough is the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

In the UK alone, over 50,000 people have made the switch to Lo-Dough as part of a healthier way of life.

This number is rapidly growing, and since the arrival of Lo-Dough in 2017, it has already changed the lives of a huge number of people who are keen to lose weight, improve their health, or simply enjoy food which was previously off the menu.

We're talking about gluten free people being able to enjoy bread again, low-carb dieters being able to tuck into pies and pizzas, and even people with type 2 diabetes who are opting for Lo-Dough to eat more freely on fewer carbs.

It's a very exciting time for Lo-Dough as it makes its way into the world with its ever developing uses. It's little wonder so many people have made the switch. Are you ready to get in on the action?

What is “Going Lo-Dough”?

Lo-Dough is no fad diet - it is a way of life. The Lo-Dough family is ever growing, and people share their ideas and recipes on social media to help each-other along. Going Lo-Dough means integrating it into your diet and becoming part of a community where you can share the love, get creative in the kitchen, and generally enjoy being part of a brand new, exciting food innovation. So, what are the main reasons that going Lo-Dough will be the best choice you've ever made?

Lo-Dough packet

1. You can eat pizza and still lose weight

Eat pizza, lose weight. Lo-Dough makes for the best pizza base known to man. Why? It's virtually carb free, and only 39 calories per base, for a start. There are endless low calorie pizza recipes and ideas being shared around, with some people enjoying a Lo-Dough pizza party with friends, or impressing them with amazing pizzas which are just a few hundred calories each. Which brings me onto the next point....

2. You can be the most impressive dinner host ever

Friends round for dinner? It's not uncommon to have people over who are watching the pounds, who don't eat meat, who are restricted to a gluten free diet or even those who are allergic to dairy. Fear not, fellow Lo-Dough users, this is where you can present them with the most impressive meals they've ever had. 

Gluten free sausage rolls? No problem. Low carb tiramisu? Coming right up. And for the vegetarian friends coming over, you can go to town and a number of great and easy recipes including quiche, pasties and pies. There is even a section especially for people who are on a slimming diet, to make life super easy. Don't be too good a host though, they might never leave. 

3.Your fibre intake will go up effortlessly

Health experts like to warn us that we're not getting enough fibre, well that ends with Lo-Dough. You won't have to think about how to integrate it into your diet, as it's already there. Each piece of Lo-Dough has 9.3g fibre - which as an added bonus, helps to to feel fuller for longer. Not the worst piece of news in the world, is it?

4.The kids eat healthier with less drama

As any parent will know, getting healthy food down the kids can be a challenge. Lo-Dough gives them a chance to tuck into the things they enjoy (pizza is a big hit), but without loading them with calories and carbs. High protein, high fibre, low fuss. Little 9-year-old Hugo made a Lo-Dough pizza here that he's super proud of. What do you think?

Hugo pizza

5. You’ll never have to worry about carbs again

As you'll have seen in the headlines, carbs have been blamed for a nationwide obesity crisis and rise in type 2 diabetes. Although there are 'good' and 'bad' carbs out there, some of the worst for you are found in white bread and pastry. Lo-Dough offers an alternative to both of these things, with just 2.2g per piece. 

6. Where you go, Lo-Dough goes with you

Going on holiday but want to maintain your diet? There's nothing worse than coming home with extra pounds on your waistline after a week of eating heavy restaurant, or worse, not knowing what it is you're putting into your body. Many Lo-Dough users pack their Lo-Dough with them as it's so light, it travels well and remains nice and fresh in its packet, regardless of the suitcase you carry it in.

Bonus reason: You can have the healthiest BBQ ever known

Lo-Dough BBQ

BBQ season - a nightmare for those of us who are trying to eat healthily. Did you know that the biggest enemy at your summer feast, apart from the rain, is white bread? The burger buns are everywhere, taunting us with their fluffiness. This is where Lo-Dough saves the day, as it serves as a superb bread alternative. Make a cheese burger wrap, a meaty kebab using Lo-Dough as your wrap, or even double one up and make a hot dog. At 39 calories per piece of Lo-Dough, you can enjoy a sausage or two as you take in the suns rays.

See the Lo-Dough BBQ guide here. 


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