10 Healthy Egg Recipes with Lo-Dough

Tasty Egg Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Eggs are a wondrous food. They provide a healthy protein boost to any meal, are packed with vitamins and contain a lot of healthy fats that are perfect for a number of keto recipes. Eggs are usually reserved for breakfast, with a constant debate as to which variety of scrambled, boiled, poached or fried is the best. But healthy egg recipes can filter across all mealtimes, with light lunch ideas such as quiche, and healthy desserts like low sugar egg custard tarts. Discover simple yet delicious egg recipes to suit any meal or mood below. 

Healthy Egg Recipes

smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on low carb Lo-Dough french toast

Scrambled Eggs & Smoked Salmon French Toast 

Creamy scrambled eggs and salty smoked salmon work perfectly in this low carb breakfast recipe.

Low carb cheese toast dipping into a runny boiled egg

Boiled Egg and Cheesy Lo-Dough Soldiers

A nostalgic breakfast made for adults. We filled out low carb toast dippers with pesto and marmite to take this breakfast up a notch.  

Keto egg custard tart slice on a white plate with raspberries

Keto Egg Custard Tart 

A Portuguese classic that we've adapted to make it low sugar and keto friendly, yet still just as creamy and delicious. 

Pesto fried eggs with a runny yolk on cheesy Lo-Dough toast

Pesto Eggs on Cheesy Lo-Dough Toast 

Want to take your fried eggs up a level? Try frying them in the oil found at the top of pesto jars. They cook in the oil and soak up all of that rich flavour.

low calorie Lo-Dough breakfast sandwich with sausage egg and hash brown

Low Carb Breakfast Sandwich

Move over McDonald's, there's a new stack in town. This is the best healthy breakfast sandwich you'll make.  

Poached egg being split on top of smashed avocado and Lo-Dough french toast

Smashed Avocado on French Toast with a Poached Egg

The trick to making the perfect poached egg for this low carb breakfast is to add a little white wine or cider vinegar to your egg water, this will hold the egg white together. 

Low calorie cinnamon french toast on a plate with berries

Low Calorie Cinnamon French Toast

Low calorie French toast couldn't be easier with Lo-Dough. Try soaking overnight in egg wash to really intensify the flavour. 

Low carb Lo-Dough quiche Lorraine on a wooden board with a slice taken out of it

Low Carb Quiche Lorraine

Quiche is the ultimate lunch recipe. It's perfect both hot or cold in your lunch box, and if you make it with Lo-Dough it's also super low carb. 

low calorie waffes on a dark plate with bananas and syrup on top

Banana Waffles

You don't need a fancy waffle iron to make this healthy breakfast idea. Simply pick up a silicone waffle mould and bake in the oven, you won't be disappointed. 

Breakfast quiche slice on a white plate with a bowl of beans and a glass of orange juice

Full English Quiche 

Everything you love about a full English in a tasty, hand held wedge.

keto pancakes on a small white plate with bacon and syrup on top

Keto American Pancakes with Bacon & Syrup 

The classic combo of pancakes, bacon and syrup can be made low carb or keto, simply swap out the flour for a Lo-Dough base and the syrup for fibre syrup.