Low-Calorie Pizza in 15 minutes

Making Low-Calorie Pizza Is Incredibly Quick &  Easy With Lo-Dough

As a rule, making a Lo-Dough pizza should take no longer than 15 minutes. Whether you are a meat-feast fanatic or more of a mushroom masterpiece kind of person, Lo-Dough pizzas are a quick fix and will be ready sooner than any delivery order could ever be!  

Get your ingredients out and have them ready. Have your oven preheating (approx 220°C/428 F) while you get yourself set. If you need to slice any veg, remember, you don't need mountains of it to top a pizza. One cheek of a pepper/onion or approx. 10 thin slices of mushroom will be more than enough! If you want to cook off the toppings for a recipe - it should take no more than 5 minutes, whether chargrilling some vegetables or sauteing off some mushrooms with garlic and herbs. 

Low-Cal Pizza

If topping with meats, it's always best to use pre-cooked (either bought or leftovers). Pepperonis, sliced chicken, chorizo, hams (English and Italian varieties) are all classics of the genre, but if you are feeling creative, it's good fun to experiment - leftover lamb on a pizza might sound unconventional, but there are middle-eastern style bread-based dishes (Manakish is one such example) that load up on things like lamb, sauce and cheese! 

Either way, spread some sauce onto your Lo-Dough (we prefer it topped shiny side up). Take the sauce right to the edge. Next up, cover it with grated mozzarella - 70g (or more if you feel like it!), again, right to the edge. Finally, add your chosen toppings and get it into the oven. Lately, we've been chucking ours in on greaseproof paper, to save on washing up. It works perfectly and we can highly recommend it. 7-10 minutes later (ovens vary) and your pizza will be ready - golden, bubbling and delicious. 

low-cal pizza

Next time you are tempted to pick up the phone and dial in - remember not only is your Lo-Dough pizza at least half the calories and 90% fewer carbs than the takeaway equivalent - it's gonna be ready quicker too!