Best Low Carb Vegetarian Dinners

Easy, low-carb vegetarian dinner ideas

Whether trying to reduce the amount of meat you're eating or simply expanding your culinary arsenal. Less, vegetarian meals than just meals that don't happen to contain meat, we’ve got the best vegetarian dinner recipes that even the most enthusiastic meat eaters will enjoy.

Just over a quarter of the UK now call themselves vegetarian and 13% flexitarian. Those numbers are showing no signs of slowing year upon year. The benefits of this lifestyle are numerous, whether its your health or your bank balance, the environment or animal welfare, a vegetarian or low-meat diet is a very attractive proposition. 

Cannelloni on plate with tray

Vegetarian meals that are still high in protein

For those counting calories, you're in for some good news - switching out meats means reducing fat and slashing calories. But with it, be aware, you will miss out on protein, so be sure to get this in your diet via other sources. Seitan, tofu and other soya based items are great sources of protein as well as vegetables such as peas, broad beans and broccoli, amongst others. Lo-Dough itself is a high protein product and obviously, if not going the full-vegan root, cheese is full of it. Put the two together and make yourself a veggie pizza.

Below, we‘ve got you covered with our best low carb veggie dinners From quick vegetarian meals to high protein veggie dinners and one pot veggie dishes, if you are looking to keep the calories and carbs down, make it with Lo-Dough.

Vegetarian pizza on a board

Veggie Supreme Pizza

This throws the proverbial kitchen sink at the pizza! Nutritious veg and plenty of cheese all on a low carb pizza base. Yes please!

Asian style egg rolls with sauce

Asian Style Egg Rolls

Our veggie egg rolls are a must for those looking for a low-carb veggie meal. Absolutely delicious.

High Protein Burger pizza 

Our veggie burger pizza is packed with protein but surprisingly low in calories and carbs. Treat yourself.

Veggie Cheeseburger Wrap

Alternatively, give this low-carb veggie wrap a go as your burger option.

Low Carb Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls (or, Stromboli) are a delicious and incredibly satisfying way to enjoy a low-carb veggie packed meal

Mixed Bean Veggie Burrito 

Who can resist a burrito. Our low calorie veggie burritos will have you all wondering how we got the calories so low! Trust us... these are amazing.

Baked Hummus & Feta Flatbread 

Something a little different. These high fibre flatbreads are a great low-carb veggie meal for those looking for a bit of middle eastern flavour. 

4 Cheese Quiche

If you like cheese, you've come to the right place. We've crammed four of them into this amazing low-carb, meat-free quiche.

Low calorie vegetarian cannelloni cut open

Low Calorie Cannelloni

For a perfect vegetarian Italian meal, these low carb cannelloni are just the ticket.

Low carb pumpkin gratin

Pumpkin Gratin

This one pot vegetarian family meal is an incredibly satisfying and simple low-carb veggie option.

Vegetarian Katsu curry in a bowl with chopsticks

High Fibre Veggie Katsu

Our Southern Coating makes an incredible low-carb crumb for meats and veg. This low-carb veggie meal will satisfy any takeaway cravings.

Vegetarian enchiladas with tray

170 Calorie Veggie Enchiladas 

Did someone say Mexican? Our 170 kcal, low carb veggie enchiladas will blow your minds!