Pizza AND Pudding for 350 calories?

It’s time to say hello Lo-Dough - and enjoy the incredible benefits it has to offer when it comes to dieting and losing weight. No, it’s not just another bread alternative - this is a true game changer in the world of healthy eating. As research has developed since the birth of Lo-Dough in 2017, it’s become everything from a pizza base and wrap to cake mix and pastry. Evidence of its versatility is ever growing, as you can see from the hundreds of recipes online.

Lo-Dough - low-calorie bread and pastry alternative.

Why Lo-Dough?

Not only is Lo-Dough incredibly low in calories (only 39 calories per piece) - it’s super high in fibre, which will keep you fuller for longer. This is as well as being high in protein, sugar free, fat free, vegetarian and gluten free. It’s little wonder then, how Lo-Dough has taken the slimming and dieting world by storm.

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By using Lo-Dough you can swap out the refined carbs and excess calories whilst loading up on all your favourite flavours.  Have a go at these two delicious recipes and enjoy a two-course meal with Lo-Dough that's high in fibre, incredibly filling, yet insanely low in calories.

Ham & Mushroom Pizza - 170kcal

Ham & mushroom 170 calorie pizza

A favourite amongst our Lo-Dough pizza lovers. Quality Wiltshire ham and garlic and herb infused mushrooms. Our team recommends low-fat mozzarella, as with this, the whole pizza weighs in at a nice and light 170 calories.

Fat 5.6g • Carbs 3.4g • Fibre 9.3g • Protein 19.3g

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Raspberry & Nutella Mug Cake - 175kcal

Raspberry nutella Mug Cake low calorie

Finish off your meal with an indulgent and filling Lo-Dough mug cake (yes, a cake made in a mug!). This healthy and intelligent creation is a low calorie, low-carb dessert of dreams - and it's done and dusted in 10 minutes.

Fat 4.4g • Carbs 16.2g • Fibre 9.3g • Protein 5.3g

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High fibre | fat free | low-carb | gluten free | dairy free | high protein | paleo | vegetarian | sugar free 

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