Winter Soup Recipes (Plus Low Carb Toasties)

Healthy Soup Recipes and their low-calorie sides

Nothing quite beats an easy, quick and comforting bowl of soup. A healthy soup recipe is one thing - but finding a side to make it feel like a substantial meal is another. That’s where Lo-Dough comes into play. By switching out the stand bread for Lo-Dough you dramatically lower the carbs and calories, while upping the fibre. Fibre will satisfy even the hungriest of bellies, while contributing to your gut health at the same time. 

Soup can be simple, healthy and delicious; and so can the sides you serve with them—just be sure to make it with Lo-Dough.

bowls of low calorie french onion soup with a spoon

Low-calorie Soup Recipes

Variety is the name of the game. Soup can go in all kinds of directions—We’ve got vegetarian soup, pumpkin soup, keto friendly soup and more. Even better, we have a variety of tasty toasties to dunk in them and soak up all that flavour. 

Mix and match as you see fit. A cheesy side generally goes with most soups, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just cheese - check out some of our amazing toastie recipes.

Delicious, Healthy Winter Warmers

These are great bulk meals that you can make a big batch of and portion up for the days, weeks and months ahead. Lunch inspiration is covered as well as dinners, frankly. Be sure to serve with one of our toasties (we’ve chosen our best toastie fillings below) and be sure to keep the winter blues at bay.

Healthy Soup Recipes:

Low calorie Soup

French onion soup 

A french bistro classic. Cheap, simple, low-calorie and completely delicious.

Low Carb Green Soup with Lo-Dough Croutons

Our green soup can be made veggie by leaving out the chorizo, but it doesn’t half give it a delicious flavour kick. Lo-Dough croutons are simple to make and the perfect bread replacement.

Pumpkin Soup

Comforting, smooth and full of flavour. Nothing beats a pumpkin and squash soup.

Easy Homemade Tomato Soup

One of the nation’s favourites, tomato soup is infinitely healthier if you make your own. It’s cheap and easy too—tinned or fresh tomatoes are fine here. 

Low Carb Toastie Recipes:

Kimcheese Toastie

Kimchi and cheese makes for a mind blowing toastie filling. Trust us - this is one fusion dish you need to try. 

Breaded Chicken Toastie

For a serious sandwich, you can fill a toastie with low-carb bread-crumbed chicken. Trust us… it’s totally worth it.

Four Cheese Toastie 

Cheese cheese and more cheese. These low-carb toasties are a total delight and perfect for a quick keto lunch.