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Low-Cal Bolognese Pizza

Low-Cal Bolognese Pizza

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbLow fatSlimming friendly

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Bolognese-Sauce Pizza For Less Than 300 Calories? Oh Yes! 

If you find yourself short of time for cooking, then batch cooking is your BEST FRIEND! When you find time to make something on mass - do it - it takes just as long to make 8 portions as it does to make one. Then you have something that can be used to make meals through the next few days and a few portions to go in the freezer. 

Take bolognese sauce. Classic with spaghetti, but also in lasagne. Had enough of Italian flavours? Fry off some spices, add some beans and peppers and seamlessly convert it into a chilli con carne! Or, for something a bit different, use it as the sauce base of a pizza, as we have done here! 

By using a Lo-Dough base and a mixture of Eatlean and mozzarella cheese, you get a fully cheesed up pizza for under 300 calories, 8g of carbs and only 12g of fat! We also recommend you look at the ragu guide in our lasagne recipe for tips on making the most suitable sauce for your diet. 

Low Calorie Pizza

Time-Saving Recipes with Lo-Dough

Leftovers work brilliantly with Lo-Dough. With your filling ready, you have all this at your fingertips: Super quick wraps. 5-minute toasties. Pizzas in 10-15 minutes. Pasties in 20. Then there are our ultra-quick mug cake desserts

Making healthy food doesn't mean hours of strenuous meal prep and constant time spent in the kitchen. Make your dieting life easy - make it with Lo-Dough!