The Lo-Dough Cookbook Vol. 3: Sweet Treats

The Lo-Dough Cookbook Vol. 3: Sweet Treats

An unmissable collection of recipes to help you use the Lo-Dough range to satisfy your sweet tooth. Lo-Dough: Sweet Treats will give you all the inspiration you need to indulge without the usual added sugar, carbs and calories; no matter what diet you follow. 

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Volume Three: Sweet Treats

Delicious and satisfying sweet treats are the name of the game with this book. We've got them in spades here, but when you see some of the nutritional breakdowns, you'll be amazed at just how low calorie, low carb and low sugar the recipes actually are.

From time to time, we all need and frankly, deserve, the occasional treat! Whether it's in the form of a sweet, fruit breakfast like French toast, a greedy pudding like cheesecake or chocolate tart, or something between meals; cakes, brownies or grab-and-go snack bars, a sweet pick-me-up can be balm for the soul and a source of comfort and pleasure. 

While sweeteners can easily be substituted for sugar (our go to sweetener of choice throughout the book will be erythritol), finding a low-carb and low-calorie swap for flour-based items—the crumb-y, cakey, biscuity, belly-filling part of your dessert—has traditionally been a little more difficult to find a replacement for.

Whatever your dietary needs or sweet cravings, we think this book and our products have something for everybody and no sweet tooth need go unsatisfied again.

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