Lo-Dough French Toast 101 - A step by step guide

Simple, low calorie French toast breakfast recipes with Lo-Dough

Lo-Dough is the ultimate low-carb low-calorie breakfast ingredient - Here's a step by step guide to making perfect French toast using Lo-Dough. The recipe can be easily adapted to incorporate any number of flavours to keep your breakfasts varied and exciting.

Top tip: Lo-Dough is made entirely from protein and fibre. As such they're incredibly light but very filling. Each piece contains a 3rd of your daily fibre requirement!

French Toast with Lo-Dough

Step 1: Prepare your Lo-Dough

Cut the Lo-Dough piece into four quarters. This makes it easier to take out from the egg mixture (the Lo-Dough becomes delicate when soaked and a whole piece would be hard to work with) and allows for better absorption of the mix.

Low Calorie French Toast

Step 2: Make your egg mix and soak the Lo-Dough

Use one large egg and 20-30ml of milk and 20g of sweetener. Then add the flavouring that you would like – think things like cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, lemon/orange zest, nut extracts, chocolate powder etc. Or swap out the milk and add coconut milk for a more tropical style French toast. You could even go savoury and add a little bit of grated cheese (remembering not to add the sweetener!).

Top Tip: Soak the Lo-Dough for a minimum of one hour to ensure the best result. You can do this the night before if you want an easy start the next morning! 

Be very careful when moving the Lo-Dough around as it will be more delicate once soaked. Use a spatula to get underneath the pieces. Once cooked and the eggs have firmed up, the French toast pieces will be much easier to handle again. 

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Lo-Dough French Toast

Step 3: Cook your low carb french toasts

Using either spray-oil or a knob of butter (depending on your diet), fry your French toast on a low heat until golden on both sides - this can take a few minutes to achieve on a low heat, so be patient.

Lo-Dough French Toast

Step 4: Plate up your low calorie French Toast

Serve with accompaniments of your choice. Fruit and yoghurt are a safe bet at breakfast time. Nuts, compotes, syrups and even bacon would make a delicious addition (think bacon & maple pancakes).

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