How to use Lo-Dough as a Pastry Alternative

Breaking the Myth - dieting doesn't mean missing out on the food you love

Dieting is tough. Watching your calories is even tougher, and we've all fallen off the train here and there when it comes to building better eating habits.

There is a solution.

Unlike in the past when diet foods and bread alternatives were largely inedible (or not good enough to keep you on a long term diet),  Lo-Dough really is a breakthrough food. Tasty, filling and easy to use, it's everything pastry is and more (but without the calories).

pastry alternative

So How Can Lo-Dough Help?

Thousands of people have had their lives changed by Lo-Dough, as they can cook delicious meals including pizzas, pies, curries and toasties and still see dramatic weight loss. In a nutshell, Lo-Dough is:

  • 39 calories per piece
  • virtually fat free
  • low carb
  • vegetarian
  • gluten free
  • dairy free
  • sugar free

To add to this, it's high in fibre and protein. It's comes as no surprise that health-conscious foodies all over the world are getting in the Lo-Dough train.

The dishes you can make with Lo-Dough are endless  

For example:


Low carb Quiche

Press Lo-Dough into a quiche dish. Spread baking beads evenly on top to weight it down and bake covered with tin foil until set. This may only take 10 mins on a moderate oven, just keep an eye on it and when it’s set you can add your filling to make a tasty quiche of your choice. When you have added your filling just cover loosely again and bake until set. Just go with the flow and experiment!

See full recipe and instructions for a quiche 'Lorraine' 

Low Fat Pie

Low fat pie

Making a pie is so simple with 2 pieces of Lo-Dough. Just find the right sized pie plate - we find a 20cm pie dish is perfect and a plate the same size. Lightly grease your pie dish. Place one piece of Lo-Dough in the bottom and add your cooked filling.

Top Tip: For a thinner pastry try rolling your Lo-Dough with a rolling pin between two of the pieces of paper it is packaged in.

Place the second piece of Lo-Dough on top. Using a  same sized plate upside down press down firmly to seal the edges. Lightly grease a piece of tin foil and place over the pie with the intention of holding the pie lid in place firmly. Bake in a medium oven for approx 20 mins. Remove from the oven, baste with beaten egg and return to the oven uncovered until golden.

See full recipe and instructions for the Lo-Dough chicken and mushroom pie or the traditional pork pie 


Low Carb steak and kidney Pudding

Who would have believed you can have a healthy delicious pudding guilt free? You will need a 6-inch ovenproof pudding bowl and just one piece of Lo-Dough. We don’t add a ‘top’ which is really a ‘bottom’ when turned out as we pack our puddings with healthy vegetables to form a seal. Just spray your pudding bowl with spray oil. Press your Lo-Dough into the bowl. Parts will overlap but that’s OK. Add your cooked filling, then top with mashed vegetables pressed down firmly such as carrots and swede, or even potato or both and form two layers. Cover loosely with tin foil and bake in a medium oven for around 40 mins. Loosen the pudding with a knife.

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