How to use Lo-Dough as a Bread Alternative

Slimming and losing weight doesn’t mean missing out on the food you love.

Dieting can be hard work and hard to maintain, especially when you don’t enjoy the food you are eating. Missing out on things like bread makes your healthy meal plan much more difficult.

There is a solution.

Lo-Dough really is a breakthrough food. It's all you want from bread and more. Forget feeling guilty after a toastie, wrap or sandwich - it's all still on the menu but with a fraction of the calories.

Thousands of people have had their lives changed by Lo-Dough, as they can cook delicious meals including pizzas, pies, curries and toasties and still see dramatic weight loss.

In a nutshell, Lo-Dough is:39 calories per piece

Using Lo-Dough as Bread Alternative is Easy 

Switching bread for Lo-Dough is actually very easy to do, and there are countless dishes that can be created. You can eat it straight from the packet or cook it in various ways (always check the instructions, and never put it in the toaster). The possibilities are endless.

Here are just a few examples:

Low Carb Toasties 

low carb toastie

Toasties have been a huge hit - not least because they're fast, simple and known to be delicious. Check out how to make the cheese burger toastie which is an incredibly indulgent meal for little over 300 calories. For something a little more creative, check out the butternut squash, mozzarella and chorizo toastie - it's a very impressive 261 calories. 

Important - never put Lo-Dough in the toaster. See the recipes for instructions.

Healthy Sandwiches

Low Carb BLT

That's right, Lo-Dough can be used straight from the packet. There are endless methods for creating low calorie sandwiches, especially when you know your "bread" is 39 calories. We particularly love the low carb BLT - see what you think.


Lo-Dough makes great chapatis. If you are the kind of person who likes flavoursome curries but like to watch the pounds, this one is for you. We've actually come up with a super popular low calorie chicken curry with Lo-Dough chapatis for you to try out.

Hungry for more?

Lo-Dough is not just a bread alternative. It is also a perfect alternative for pastry for when you are baking, and makes an out of this world pizza base.

bread fold examples


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