National #FitnessDay Work Out with Team Lo-Dough and Jazz Franks

This week people across the UK are getting involved in inspiring the nation to lead happy and healthier lifestyles thanks to UK Active National #FitnessDay.

With a little help from British Powerlifting Champion and former Hollyoaks actress, Jazmine Franks we headed down to OnePT Rochdale to bring you a quick and simple work out you can do at home or in the gym.

For those who don’t already know, Jazmine has been through her own amazing transformation. Turning to fitness to help revamp her life, we couldn’t think of anyone better to get Lo-Dough active.

Jazmine put the Lo-Dough team to work on a simple circuit that we repeated 4 times before ending on a high knees finisher that got our blood pumping even harder.

National #FitnessDay Work Out with Team Lo-Dough and Jazz Franks from Lo-Dough™ on Vimeo.


Try it for yourself with these simple instructions...

workout press ups

Station One - Press Ups (30 Seconds)

Push-ups are a higher value plank. You're not only strengthening your abdominals by holding them still while gravity's trying to push your hips towards the ground, but you're also strengthening your upper-body pushing muscles: your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Rest on your knees rather than your feet for a slightly easier option.

workout plank

Station Two - Plank (30 Seconds)

While getting into the proper form is straightforward, holding the position takes strength and endurance in your abs, back, and core. The plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning but it also works your glutes and hamstrings, supports proper posture, and improves balance.

workout mountain climbers

Station Three - Mountain Climbers (30 Seconds)

This is a compound exercise, meaning they work several joints and muscle groups simultaneously. The steady running motion targets your glute and leg muscles, including your quads and hamstrings

workout body squat

Station Four - Body Squat - (30 Seconds)

Body squats are a fantastic exercise for the entire body. They are a compound movement so in addition to your glutes and quads, squats also work your hips, hamstrings, calves, back and core.

Repeat  4 times!

Then finish with high knees! (30 Seconds)

jazz franks

Phew. Which brings us onto the post-workout magic….FOOOOD!

We all know how easy it is to call at that drive-thru or stop by the shop for your meal deal when you’ve been at work all day and made it to the gym, because the last thing you want to do is go home and cook for 30-40 minutes. But here at Lo-Dough we've reinvented the meal game because we believe in quick tasty food that seems indulgent but packs a healthy nutritious punch.

A post-workout meal helps to refill the energy that you burnt off during your workout and provides protein to worked muscles to help them repair more efficiently.

Consuming the right kind of meal after a workout also encourages your body to hold onto lean mass, rather than burn it off for energy. When trying to lose weight, you want to lose fat, not muscle, because this gives you a toned look, boosts your metabolism and promotes good health.

Here are 3 simple, quick and easy healthy post-workout Lo-Dough recipes that will leave you even more satisfied as the double cheeseburger you were about to devour.

Low carb scotch Pancakes

Low Carb Scotch Pancakes - 157 calories for 4 thick, fluffy, mouthwatering pancakes.

High Protein Low Carb Steak Pizza

High Protein Low Carb Steak Pizza367 calories for a delicious, oozy, savoury high protein pizza.

High Protein Chocolate Brownies

High Protein Chocolate Brownies - 212 calories per delicious protein-packed, indulgent, powerhouse brownies.