One Chilli, Five Incredible Low-Calorie Recipes

A great mother recipe that gives you loads of
Lo-Dough-based recipe options

Having a simple chilli recipe up your sleeve unlocks all manner of associated Lo-Dough recipes. We all love this spicy comfort food.. its hearty, warming, healthy and delicious.

By switching the usual mound of white (or even brown) rice for Lo-Dough, you are dramatically reducing the carbs of the meal and thus the calories too. We've served the recipe above with Lo-Dough garlic bread, but it's great for burritos, chilli bowls, chilli dogs and as a quirky pizza sauce topping and is absolutely brilliant for topping nachos. It's a great high-fibre and high-protein meal and homemade will be far tastier than any shop-bought version. Make plenty and portion up - it freezes perfectly. 

The linked recipe is as simple as it can get, but there are a few flavour and diet hacks you can apply.

  • Making a veggie chilli is just as easy. Swap the mince for quorn or another substitute, or just used mixed vegetables of your choice. Diced mushrooms, extra beans and peppers, sweetcorn, more beans. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like.

  • Obviously, the heat level is totally up to you. Mix and match fresh chillis with the chilli powder and use the strength of chilli powder that best suits you.

  • If you are looking to lower the carbs in the dish, half the amount of kidney beans in the whole recipe to reduce 4g of carbs per serving (it would drop by 8g carbs per portion if you left them out entirely). You may want to use a mixture of higher fat mince and possibly some minced pork too. 

  • If you want to make it richer and a little more special, use a glass of red wine in the sauce. Another classic addition is a couple of blocks of dark, bitter chocolate.

Here are some of the amazing recipes we've mentioned above.

10g Carbs Chilli Dog


Quick and delicious. The perfect hand help-meal in front of the tv or a great way to finish off a BBQed snag.

314 kcal Chilli Bowl


This is a gorgeous and fun way to present and eat a chilli. Bake a Lo-Dough bowl and fill it up with all kinds of loveliness. 

8g Carbs Chilli-Cheese Pizza


It's Lo-Dough, so there had to be pizza in there! Check out this Tex-Mex barnstormer of a pizza. 

14g Fibre Chilli-Cheese Toastie


This is what quick and easy lunches are made of. Totally delicious and packed with gut-healthy fibre - nearly half your daily recommended allowance.

430 kcal Chilli-Loaded Nachos


This low-calorie sharing snack will have your tastebuds dancing. Perfect in front of a movie or for parties!

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