Super Quick Low-Calorie Pizzas

Convenient, Low-Calorie AND Tasty. Lo-Dough Pizza Is A Triple-Threat! 

Lo-Dough pizzas can go in any direction you wanna take them. Low-calorie versions of classic pizzas, off-piste experimental numbers, white pizzas, anything you like... you can even do low-cal sweet pizzas. Crucially, they are all ready and on the table in less time than it would take to get a carby and calorific takeaway pizza in. In fact, on average, a Lo-Dough pizza takes around 15 minutes to make and cook, which isn't that far removed from the length of time it takes to cook a frozen supermarket pizza either!

The preparation is simple and quick. Preheat your oven to 220C. Spread your base sauce over the Lo-Dough (we recommend smooth side up). Spread it right to the edge - no Lo-Dough should be exposed directly to the dry heat of the oven. Next, add your cheese. 70g minimum, please. Lo-Dough is doing all the work on getting the calories down!  Finally, add some topping ingredients. Cooked/cured meats, a few thinly sliced vegetables... whatever you fancy. 

And that's it prepared and ready to cook. If that took longer than 5-7 minutes for even a novice cook, we'd be surprised. Pre-heated your oven? Then get your Lo-Dough on a tray and put it in - you are 7-10 minutes away from low-cal pizza perfection!

Check out these 3 incredible pizza recipes, all ready in no time at all:

Classic Cheese and Tomato

Low-Calorie Pizza

 303 Calories. Ready in approx. 15 minutes 

Tuna & Sweetcorn Pizza

Low-Cal Pizza

 322 Calories. Ready in approx. 15 minutes.

Fitness Goals Pizza

 Low Calorie Pizza

265 Calories. Ready in approx. 17 minutes.