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Pissaladiere - A Southern French Classic

Pissaladiere - A Southern French Classic

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow calorie

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A Low-Calorie Version Of The Enduring French Appetiser - Great For Sharing

Rich, salty olives and anchovies on a base of super-sweet, slow-cooked onions - this is the kind of dish that goes down very nicely with a cold rosé or a glass of fizz! Unsurprisingly then, this dish hails from Nice in the south of France. Whereas the original uses an almost deep-dish style dough (bringing with it masses of carbs and calories), ours replaces this with Lo-Dough, making the whole thing lighter and healthier, without compromising on flavour. As ever, thanks to the high fibre content of Lo-Dough, you will feel satiated and satisfied.  

Know Your Onions!

The absolute key to this dish is the long, slow-cooked onions (plus a little thyme) that provide a contrasting sweetness to the other saltier elements. In this case, long and slow means a minimum of around 40 minutes frying on the lowest possible heat - you will only need to stir occasionally, so though time-consuming, it's not a massive burden. It's well worth it - what you end up with is an almost caramel-sweet, sticky onion compote which serves to stop the anchovies and olives becoming too overwhelmingly salty on the finished dish.

Lo-Dough Pizza

A Great Low-Carb Bread Replacement

Even with a whole onion (flavoursome, but notoriously carby) on the dish, the whole dish comes in at a respectable 12g of carbs, so don't feel as though you have to miss out if on a low-carbohydrate diet. Instead of the usual bready, carb-laden dough, you've got a piece of Lo-Dough doing all the heavy lifting - coming in at just 2.2 carbs per piece. For calorie counters, it's just 225 calories for the whole thing, so no problems there! 

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