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Seafood & Caper Berry Pizza

Seafood & Caper Berry Pizza

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carb

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A Healthy, Protein-Packed Powerhouse

This one is a must for seafood and fish lovers - low-fat fish and seafood, salty caper berries and plenty of cheese and tomato, as ever. Muscles, prawns, chunks of white fish and even some hidden anchovies (added under the cheese), this one is as tasty as it is good for you.

PIzza that is good for you?? Oh yes! Check out the macros - 379 calories, 6g of carbs and 11g fibre - as well as just 11g of fat and a whopping 60g of protein. This is pizza like no other! Served with a vitamin and nutrient-rich salad on the side, Lo-Dough pizza helps to shed pizza of its 'junk' status and put it firmly back on the menu for healthy eaters everywhere - without sacrificing on taste.

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To keep the fat down, we went with a blend of the mighty Eatlean Cheese and little extra mozzarella - as well as Nowt Poncy's Pizza sauce (mixed with the aforementioned chopped anchovy) to create a winning hybrid of good strong tastes for our seafood to sit on. Eatlean & Nowt Poncy are our favourites and we highly recommend them, but you can use any other sauces and low-fat cheese if you don't have these to hand. If you wanted to up the sweet seafood flavour even more, you could stir a little dressed brown crab-meat through the tomato sauce. This is available in small portion tins for approx £1.50 and will be enough to do 3-4 pizzas - or toasties or anything else you fancy. 

Seafood and Caper Berry Pizza

Speaking of strong tastes - there is no value in using expensive, delicate flavoured fish on this one - you'll lose its flavour amongst all the cheese - we went with basa fillets from our local supermarket, but could just as easily recommend pollack or cod - and it's perfectly fine for this if you use frozen fillets. The same goes for the seafood - use the best you can, but frozen or pre-cooked will be fine. 

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