12 Best Low Carb & Gluten Free Brownie Recipes

The key ingredient for amazing low carb, gluten free treats

Based on our innovative low carb, gluten free bread replacement, our Original Lo-Dough Bases, our gluten free brownie mix is something of a gluten free saviour for those with a sweet tooth. 

Gluten Free Brownies

When we discovered that our bread could be crumbed and milled down into a baking ingredient - basically a gluten free flour replacement, we set about turning it into a pair of incredible low carb and gluten free baking mixes. Lo-Dough’s Brownie Mix is the one for all the chocolate lovers out there. Made with the aforementioned gluten-free flour replacement, natural sweetener (erythritol), premium quality cocoa and real chocolate chips, our easy to use, just-add-water mix can have a batch of healthier gluten free brownies ready in moments.

Low calorie rocky road brownies on a rack

Simple to make your own with endless options to customise

The basic brownies themselves are just 65 kcal and 4.1g net carbs per brownie as well as being gluten free and high in fibre. But what makes them even more interesting is that unknown element—your personality and tastes! With the greatest of ease and just a couple of extra ingredients (to the mix itself and some tap water!), these brownies can be turned into all manner of incredible gluten free desserts and treats. 

For some chocolatey inspiration, check out some of the recipes below. 

Brownie Lollipops


Gluten free brownie lollipops with sprinkles


Fun party food and great for kids - our brownie lollies are a cinch to make with the help of a silicone mould.

Chilli Chocolate Brownies

Low carb chilli chocolate brownies on a rack

Spice up your sweet gluten free dessert treats - trust us, the chilli-kick works brilliantly. 

Coffee & Walnut Brownies


Low carb coffee and walnut brownies with ice cream and coffee beans


A perfect morning pick-me-up, our coffee and nut brownies are a low-carb snack for the ages.

White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcakes


Gluten free white chocolate and rapsberry cupcakes


Our low-calorie white-chocolate and raspberry brownies are squares of choc and fruit heaven.

Miso Brownies


Low carb miso salted caramel brownies on grease proof paper


Think salted caramel—this strange sounding combination is no gimmick. Low carb, low calorie and gluten free as ever.  

Jumbo Triple Choc Chip Cookies

Gluten free triple chocolate cookie with a bite out

Three times the chocolate, but just a fraction of the calories and carbs of a regular brownie and you can add as much or as little chocolate as your diet or tastes dictate.

Cherry & Raspberry Brownies


Gluten free cherry and raspberry brownies on a white patterned plate


Another fruity twist; these gluten free brownies are perfect for those of you looking four flourless cake alternatives.

Baked Brownie Pot



One of several amazing hot gluten free desserts Lo-Dough can offer you, these low carb baked brownie pots are fantastic with a scoop of your favourite low-calorie ice-cream 

Peanut Butter Glazed Brownies


knife slicing through some low carb peanut butter brownies


Heaven for peanut butter lovers and surprisingly low-calorie to boot.

Keto Coconut Brownies


Keto coconut brownies stacked up


Low carb and gluten free, these keto coconut brownies are ideal for those of you following the ketogenic diet.

Cheesecake Topped Brownies


slice of cheesecake topped gluten free brownie cake


A little cheesecake hack, these are super simple to make and offer a brilliant gluten free twist on the classic dessert. 

Coffee Brownies


two low carb coffee brownies on a plate with a mug in the background


Coffee and chocolate are a marriage made in heaven and our low-calorie version hits all the right aromatic notes.