Our Seven Best Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkins are far more than just decorations - use them for low calorie meals and low carb desserts.

Aside from making excellent Halloween lanterns, pumpkins are a fantastic culinary ingredient. Soups, gratins, pies, purees, roasted, steamed, boiled... the list goes on. To say these vegetables are versatile is an understatement. But aside from all their delicious uses, pumpkins and squashes also carry a number of health/nutritional benefits.  

The health benefits of pumpkin

As well as vitamin C, E and some B vitamins, pumpkins are also a source  magnesium and calcium, as well as beta-carotene - which our bodies digest and convert into vitamin A. These vitamins and minerals are linked to our immune system, our eyes, our skin and other essential biological processes.

Hand holding pumpkin brownie with a bite out of it

Low-carb pumpkin recipes

Though relatively high in carbs, it's these vitamins and minerals that make pumpkins a complex carbohydrate - carbs that come with benefits that outweigh the natural sugar content. But, by combining pumpkin with Lo-Dough, you can regulate that carb content and create incredible low-calorie, low-carb and high fibre recipes that are healthy AND delicious.

Make it with Lo-Dough

Check out some of our favourite reduced carb and low-carb pumpkin recipes made with products from the Lo-Dough range. We have some of our best pumpkin recipes for kids, pumpkin dessert recipes, pumpkin recipes under 100 calories and more. Also, be sure to check out our versatile pumpkin puree recipe too.


low calorie pumpkin recipe

Pumpkin Puree

This versatile recipe is a great to be used in numerous delicious guises, both savoury and sweet.   

Full recipe: Pumpkin Puree

Autumn Pumpkin Pizza

Trust us when we say that pumpkin pizza is absolutely the way forward if you fancy a change from the usual passata. Our low-carb pizza is a dieter's dream.  

Full recipe: Autumn Pumpkin Pizza 

Low Calorie Pumpkin Gratin

A gratin is a fantastic family recipe and perfect for using up leftover pumpkin after carving up for the big night. Use our low-carb bread crumb for the perfect topping. 

Full recipe: Low Calorie Pumpkin Gratin 

Pumpkin Soup & Toastie

Pumpkin soup can be made by letting down our delicious puree with a little stock. It's warming, it's hearty and when served with our cheesy mushroom toastie, it's completely to die for.

Full recipe: Pumpkin Soup & Toastie

Pumpkin Spice Latte Mug Cake

These unbelievable desserts can be made by combining our low-calorie cake mix with pumpkin, milky coffee and a few spices. Trust us, this one is knockout!

Full recipe: Pumpkin Spice Latte Mug Cake  

Pumpkin Pie

The stateside classic but brought up to date. Turn the original's macros on their head using our bases as a low carb pastry replacement.

Full recipe: Pumpkin Pie   

Pumpkin Spice Brownies

Perfect pumpkin bites, full of chocolatey goodness. Use our low-calorie brownie mix to make these gorgeous low-sugar treats.

Full recipe: Pumpkin Spice Brownies