Delicious Recipes for Your Next Dinner Party

Stress Free Dinner Party Recipes 

Whether it's a small group of friends or your whole family descending, dinner parties can provide the most laughter and joy of all. However if you're hosting, they often come with an added element of stress. There can sometimes be pressure to pull off a showstopper; a centrepiece or out-of-this world recipe to impress your nearest and dearest. But we’re here to take the stress out of the situation and not only provide you with some delicious dinner party food ideas, but some super easy dinner party recipes to impress your friends. 

Low carb vegetarian lasagne being served out

Easy Vegetarian Dinner Party Ideas

We’ve got plenty of vegetarian recipes included in the list here. Indeed - most of our meat-featuring recipes can easily be converted into vegetarian meals too - swap in cauliflower in place of chicken for veggie 'wings', use veggie sausages in place of meaty ones in our tear and share rolls. Lo-Dough itself is perfectly vegetarian, so no dramas there. 

Dinner party finger food

Lo-Dough’s range can be used to make incredible snacks and sharing dishes, not just delicious and healthy dinner party mains. Obviously around this time of year, nibbles and finger foods start to take centre stage. Aside from the aforementioned wings, we’ve got sausage rolls and cinnamon rolls listed here - perfect for small bite-sized treats. Our brownies also work brilliantly in this context and who could turn down a slice of our 49 kcal per portion vanilla sponge cake?

Spicy Chicken Arrabbiata Lasagne 


Low calorie chicken arrabbiata lasagne

This saucy and spicy lasagne will have friends and family coming back for more. An easy and healthy dinner party recipe that tastes even better the day after (just try and save some!) 


Low Calorie Creamy Leek, Spinach & Mushroom Lasagne


Low calorie vegetarian creamy mushroom lasagne slice on a plate


No meat, no problem. This easy vegetarian lasagne will definitely be a crowd pleaser, and in the winter months, dinner party mains don’t get more comforting than this. 

Crispy Topped Mixed Fish Gratin


Low carb seafood gratin in a tray


A delicious twist on the traditional fish supper. Packed with omega-3 and the ultimate brain food - helping you to think up dinner party games and more. 

Tear & Share Sausage Rolls


Gluten free mini sausage rolls

These easy mini sausage rolls are the ultimate dinner party finger food idea. They are delicious, low calorie and a great gluten free snack made with our original Lo-Dough bases.


Spicy Southern Style Wings


Low carb breaded chicken wings with hot sauce


You might need extra napkins for these. These are a perfect picking starter or spicy side dish, made using our low fat and low calorie Southern style coating. 

Low Calorie ‘Bread’ & Butter Pudding 

Low calorie bread and butter pudding in bowl with cream

A comforting winter classic, but ours is use our low-carb bread replacement and cuts both the carbs AND the calories, without compromising on taste. Make a big batch to share!

Low Sugar Cinnamon Rolls


Low sugar Lo-Dough cinnamon rolls in a tray

A sweet treat to write home about. You won't believe the level of indulgence you can enjoy for such incredible macros!

The Best Low Sugar Egg Custard Tart 

Low sugar low carb egg custard tart slice with raspberries

If you have any Portuguese friends they may think otherwise, but this cracking (sorry) dessert is creamy, silky, and down right delicious. Plus it's under 1g of sugar - although you wouldn't know it.