Easy Weeknight Dinners | Fibre Boosting Recipes

Boost your fibre intake with these easy weeknight meals

It can be hard to find the motivation - and inspiration - to make something tasty and healthy in an evening. When you want something quick, it’s easy to reach for microwave meals or takeaways, and when you fancy something healthy the ingredients list can be as long as your arm. Relieve the weeknight stress with these quick and easy Lo-Dough dinner recipes - all low calorie, packed with fibre and absolutely delicious. 

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Low calorie salt and pepper prawns

Salt & Pepper Prawns 

We’ve taken this takeaway classic and cut the calories way down. Make these crispy golden bites with our Southern Style Coating and enjoy as the main event or as a side.

Full recipe: Salt & Pepper Prawns

Low calorie gratin

High Fibre Vegetables and Chorizo Gratin 

Tray bakes and gratins are always a winner for weeknight dinners. This colourful veg and chorizo gratin is no different. Sprinkle some of our SSC on top for a tasty crunch and a boost in fibre. 

Full recipe: High Fibre Vegetables and Chorizo Gratin 

Low calorie quesadilla

Low Calorie Mixed Bean Quesadillas 

This mixed bean filling is perfect for loads of recipes. We’ve opted for a melty, veggie quesadilla but it would work perfectly on top of nachos or inside enchiladas too. 

Full recipe: Low Calorie Mixed Bean Quesadillas

Low carb pizza rolls

Low Carb Cold Cuts Pizza Rolls 

Pizza rolls - or Stromboli to give it its Italian-American name - are the quick comfort food you didn’t know you needed. Cheesy swirls with a rich tomato sauce for dipping. What’s not to love?

Full recipe: Low Carb Cold Cuts Pizza Rolls

Low carb chicken tenders

Low Carb Cheesy Chicken Tenders 

Mix our Southern Style coating with the cheese of your choice to make these chicken tenders gluten-free, high fibre and delicious crispy. Serve with a nice fresh salad and some sweet potato wedges for a quick and balanced dinner. 

Full recipe: Low Carb Cheesy Chicken Tenders

Keto carbonara pizza

Keto Carbonara Pizza 

This pizza is everything you love about carbonara, without the carbs and in easy to eat slices. The ultimate keto pizza when you’re after some serious flavour. 

Full recipe: Keto Carbonara Pizza

Low calorie fish cake

Low Calorie Salmon Fishcake

Rather than using mashed potato to bind our fish cakes we’ve used a Lo-Dough base. This not only drastically reduces carbohydrates but also provides you with a healthy high fibre dinner that is sure to leave you satisfied. Tinned or fresh salmon both work a treat. 

Full recipe: Low Calorie Salmon Fishcake 

Low calorie veggie pizza

Beetroot, Goats Cheese & Walnut Pizza

This combo is a winner in salads, but is just as tasty on this low calorie pizza too. Use beetroot ketchup instead of tomato sauce on your base for a great earthy taste that works beautifully with the tangy, creamy goats cheese. 

Full recipe: Beetroot, Goats Cheese & Walnut Pizza

Low calorie chicken kiev

Red Pesto & Soft Cheese Stuffed Chicken Kiev

Once you make this it will become a weekly staple. We’re used to seeing garlicky kievs but this red pesto and cheese variation could be even more tasty. Make ahead of time and freezer for an easy high protein meal in no time. 

Full recipe: Red Pesto & Soft Cheese Stuffed Chicken Kiev

high fibre breaded salmon

High Fibre Breaded Salmon and Garlic Butter Veg

This plate is colourful, full of nutrients and provides you with half of your recommended daily fibre. It’s just a bonus that it takes less than 30 minutes to make and tastes delicious! 

Full recipe: High Fibre Breaded Salmon and Garlic Butter Veg 

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