Healthy Pies and Pasties | Best Low Carb Pastry Alternative

Have you heard? Delicious gluten free and low carb pastry options are available!

This is pastry done like never before. Treat yourself to Lo-Dough pasties and pies whilst maintaining your fitness goals and calorie intake. Because freedom is delicious. 

The ultimate gluten free pastry alternative

With Lo-Dough as a low calorie pastry alternative, you can say goodbye to guilty pleasures, and say hello to the food you love. A creamy chicken pasty from the high street is loaded with fat, carbs and calories that are a no no if you are taking care of your health and weight. Using a Lo-Dough base makes your pastry gluten free, high fibre and low carb; that's what makes this so remarkable.

Low carb four cheese quiche with a slice cut out

Obsession with Gregg's getting too much? Here's our version of a healthy low carb creamy chicken pasty using Lo-Dough as a pastry alternative.

It's not just low-carb, gluten free pasties—we've got low-carb quiche, gluten free pie, low calorie tarts. 

Check out a selection of our pastry recipes below.

Gluten Free Egg Custard Tart


Keto egg custard tart on a plate with raspberries


A sweet pastry classic, this egg custard tart is made sans pastry and in a Lo-Dough base instead. Gluten-free, low-carb, low-calorie, sugar-free; this one has it all. 

Low-Carb Quiche


Low carb quiche slices on a plate


A savoury egg custard if you like! We have countless low-carb quiches on our site - this one like them all is perfectly gluten free and low-calorie to boot.

Sausage Roll Bites


Gluten free mini sausage rolls


Our tear and share rolls make for fantastic gluten free snacks or party nibbles.

Low Calorie Beef and Stout Pie

Gluten Free Steak and Ale Pie with a slice out

Another pastry replacement - use your Lo-Dough base as a Gluten Free pastry top for a pie.

Slimming Cheese and Bean Pasty


Low carb cheese and bean toastie


A lunchtime or teatime favourite, our gluten-free pasties are a perfect quick meal and super low-calorie as well. 

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