Lo-Dough Meal Plan | Low Sugar Meals & Treats

Delicious sweet treats and low sugar meals for No Sugar November

Whether you're choosing to limit the amount of sugar you are consuming this month, or you have to permanently for medical reasons, we've got the perfect meal ideas for you. We've got healthy dinners and delicious, low sugar desserts on the menu so you won't feel like you're missing out on the sweet stuff. Below you can find our favourite low sugar meals, all of which come under 2g sugar per serving. 

If you 're looking for some sweeter dessert recipes that are still low sugar, check out our best recipes here.

Low sugar meal plan

Low carb fish cake

Monday Dinner: Low Carb Salmon Fish Cake

Rather than using the traditional high in carbohydrate mashed potato to bind the fish, we use our blitzed down Lo-Dough crumbs. Amazingly, it works out at just 2.2g carbs for a substantial salmon fish cake

Full Recipe: Low Carb Salmon Fishcake

Lo-Dough Miracle Cake Bar

Tuesday Afternoon Snack: Chocolate Fudge Cake Bar (143kcal)

We know first-hand how hard the afternoon slump hits sometimes. To pull you out of it and keep you satisfied throughout the rest of the day, one of our cake bars with your favourite brew is the perfect solution. Under 150 calories and 2g sugar for a massive cake bar, which is packed with gut-friendly fibre. 

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Low sugar cinnamon rolls

Wednesday Dessert: Low Sugar Cinnamon Rolls

We've used our incredible Original Lo-Dough Bases and a bit of sugar-free baking ingenuity to come up with this amazing low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat, low sugar, high fibre recipe. What's more, it's DELICIOUS.

Full Recipe: Low Sugar Cinnamon Rolls

Low carb fish tacos

Thursday Lunch: Low Carb Fish Taco Wrap

Fish tacos are a classic street food dish enjoyed all over the world. We've put a low carb spin on this classic dish with our Southern Style Coating. 

Full Recipe: Low Carb Fish Taco Wrap

Low carb pizza

Friday Dinner: Slimming-friendly Pizza 

A whole pizza for just 176 calories? You bet. To keep the calories down, we've combined our Lo-Dough product with Eatlean cheese to cut out not just the carbs, but the fat too, while keep the protein and fibre nice and high.

Full Recipe: Slimming-friendly Pizza

Low sugar french toast

Saturday Breakfast: Low Carb Cinnamon French Toast

Our low-calorie French toast is the perfect start to the day. Whether on a low-carb diet, slimming/calorie counting... it makes no odds - this one fits them all. Quick and easy to prepare... you've got to try it.

Full Recipe: Low Carb Cinnamon French Toast

Low sugar egg custard tart

Sunday Dinner: Low Sugar Egg Custard Tart

At 159 calories per quarter, 2.5 carbs and 1g of sugar, this is a dream dessert for those of you on any diet - the single cream could be swapped out for skimmed milk if desired to drop the count for all the slimmers looking to indulge.

Full Recipe: Low Sugar Egg Custard Tart

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