Low Calorie Chocolate Desserts | Under 200 Calories

Healthier chocolate desserts perfect for weight loss diets? Make them with Lo-Dough.

Delicious, rich, melting, complex; chocolate is a substance like no other and often the downfall of many a dieter. Whether looking for keto desserts, low-calorie desserts for weight loss or just quick, easy dessert fixes that won’t stack up the calories, chocolate is often off the menu.

Low Calorie Lo-Dough Double Chocolate Cake

Low-calorie desserts with Lo-Dough.

There is no great mystery here - just make it with Lo-Dough. Well, that and use good quality dark chocolate - not the heavily sweetened cheap stuff. In some cases, use cocoa for the chocolatey hit instead of chocolate itself. Where there is a will, there is a way, so let us show you a few recipes to give you that chocolate fix, all while staying on plan - whatever dietary plan that might be.  

Low Calorie Desserts Under 200 Calories

Baked Brownie Pot

Low calorie chocolate brownie pot

These baked pots work beautifully baked in the oven, or for a super quick, easy dessert fix, try microwaving in a ramekin for around 2 mins. You’ll be amazed. 130 kcal for a pot.

Low Calorie Chocolate Cake

Low calorie chocolate cake

Rich, indulgent and a surprisingly low-calorie dessert (I mean, look at it… it hardly looks low-cal does it?), this low calorie recipe is the sort of thing our brownie mix is all about.

Double Chocolate Cookies  

Low calorie gluten free double chocolate cookies

Who can say no to a cookie? Our low-calorie cookies are even harder to resist at just 65 kcal a biscuit! Keto low calorie desserts and sweet snacks are a doddle with Lo-Dough.

Low Calorie Raspberry & Cherry Brownies

Low calorie gluten free brownies with raspberries and cherries

Fruit and chocolate can work very nicely indeed and this combination of dry cherries, fresh raspberries and our brownie mix makes for a perfect low-calorie dessert combination. This is a low calorie dessert under 100 calories too!

Easy Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake

Easy low calorie hot chocolate fudge cake

Take that baked / microwaved ramekin cake above and turn it into a classy plated dessert to be served with low cal ice cream and a dark chocolate drizzle. Quick and easy chocolate puddings don’t come any classier.

Black Forest Brownie Cake

Low calorie gluten free black forest brownie cake

This retro classic tastes heavenly and yet is surprisingly low in calories and sugars, certainly far lower than a regular black forest gateaux. 

Chocolate Ripple Cheesecake

Low calorie low carb chocolate cheesecake


We couldn’t do a list like this and not include cheesecake. Not just any cheese cake. Low-sugar and low calorie cheesecake that tastes just like the real thing.

Low Calorie Rocky Road Brownies 

Low calorie rocky road brownies under 100 calories

A little higher sugar with the inclusions, but still incredibly low in calories - these are and mind blowing treat for a low calorie dessert / snack.

Low Carb Chocolate Orange Tart

Low carb chocolate orange chocolate tart

Using our Lo-Dough base as a low carb pastry replacement, you can make this sumptuous chocolate orange tart.