Coffee Dessert Recipes | Best Low Calorie Desserts With Coffee

Where Coffee and Dessert Cravings Meet

Coffee. Cappuccino, americano, espresso, latte, java, joe. We all know and love coffee as an early morning (and frankly, day-long) pick-me-up, but sometimes overlooked is the bitter bean’s culinary potential and other nutritional and health benefits.

Now, the following comes with a caveat; too much caffeine can have adverse effects, but studies have shown that coffee has shown potential to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, support brain health and even aid weight management.

Low calorie coffee brownies with coffee mug 

Coffee and dieting: Keto coffee (bulletproof coffee)

Perhaps the most famous dietary association to coffee is the now relatively well known ‘Bulletproof Coffee’. A favourite amongst keto dieters, it is effectively buttered coffee - a high fat drink designed to fuel those in ketosis. The drink was invented by lifestyle guru and ‘biohacker’ David Asprey. According to his Wikipedia page, Asprey developed his Bulletproof Coffee recipe after travelling to Tibet and tasting yak-butter tea drinks. He returned to the United States and experimented with buttered drink recipes and published the preparation for his buttered coffee drink on his blog in 2009. The Bulletproof diet also recommends incorporating intermittent fasting.

Coffee in cooking: Coffee flavoured desserts

Buttered coffee might not appeal to you, but here’s something that should: Tiramisu. Roughly translated as ‘pick me up’, or ‘cheer me up’, this Italian dessert is a delicious and indulgent pudding and probably the most famous coffee-based dessert in the world. Lo-Doughs version is perfect for those on keto and looking to avoid sugar and carbs - we replace both using erythritol and Lo-Dough, respectively. Beyond that there are coffee cakes and brownies - The perfect mid-morning treats and snacks to go with your morning brew. Again - Lo-Dough have fantastic low-carb and low calorie recipes available. The full list is below).

Low carb keto bbq beef brisket sandwich

Coffee in cooking: Savoury uses

Less well known and understood, at least in the UK the savoury application of coffee. It can be used to great effect in rubs for steaks and other bbq meats, or even slow cooked or smoked meats. As you would expect, it imparts a complex, bitter note, not unlike when adding dark chocolate to chilli con carnes or venison sauces. Indeed, coffee itself can be added to sauces to the same effect.

Lo-Dough Coffee Dessert Recipes

Below you can find four easy and delicious low calorie dessert recipes which incorporate Lo-Dough and coffee.  

Coffee and Walnut Cake

Low calorie coffee and walnut cake

A coffee shop classic and a truly delicious flavour combination in a cake. Our vanilla sponge cake mix helps make the recipe quick and easy. 


Keto tiramisu dessert

Tiramisu doesn't spring to mind when you think of low calorie and keto friendly desserts. But by swapping in Original Lo-Dough Bases you can reduce the calorie and carbs while keeping that creamy indulgence we all know and love. 

Coffee and Walnut Brownies

Low calorie coffee and walnut brownies with ice cream

More of a brownie fanatic rather than a cake lover? Try making our Brownie Mix with sweetened black coffee instead of milk to make these - serve with a scoop of low calorie ice cream to top it off. 

Coffee Chocolate Brownies

Low calorie coffee brownies 

The perfect coffee-morning cake to have with your cup of joe is surely a coffee cake of some sort? Add a few spoons of instant coffee to your Lo-Dough Brownie Mix and chocolate coating, what you get are the most amazing mocha-coffee flavoured, low-calorie brownies.