What Is The Best Low Carb Pizza Base?

An easy guide to low carb pizza options  

When embarking on a low carb diet, certain foods require a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking. Pizza is one such food and options for low-carb dieters are a bit of a mixed bag. Below we've laid out some of the low carb pizza base options available and their benefits.

Low-carb cauliflower bases

Cauliflower is a great low calorie and low carb vegetable, and therefore provides the same benefits when utilised as a pizza base. Here's the thing; the cauliflower's grassy, earthy taste permeates — and it's not something you expect to taste with your pizza. There is a time and a place for cauliflower, sure. Done right, it is a much underrated vegetable; we just don't think it works all that well with the other flavours of a pizza. The other thing is that these bases are often bound together with cheese. Nothing wrong with cheese, but if you are topping with more cheese, that is sending the fats through the roof. Possibly fine for a keto dieter, but no good if you are counting calories. 

Cauliflower pizza base

Cloud bread pizza bases

Cloud bread is basically an unsweetened meringue as a base. It's super light and low in calories, but along with it, it's fairly unsatisfying. That's because it lacks that filling substance to make it, well, substantial. There aren't any options to buy this online or in stores, so you'll have to roll your sleeves up in the kitchen. This requires shopping around for ingredients and then mixing and pre baking before you even get to topping it.   

Cloud bread

Chicken Breast Pizza

Flattened and super thin chicken breasts have gained popularity as as a high protein and keto pizza base. This does however mean that your pizza will likely be much higher in calories and potentially more pricey by using meat as the base. If you're looking to up your protein or are looking for the ultimate post-workout pizza, you can still top with delicious seasoned chunks of chicken. 

Chicken breast pizza base

Original Lo-Dough Bases; the ultimate low-carb saviour 

So, lets talk Lo-Dough and low-carb pizza. As a thin-style pizza base, there is nothing quite like our Original Lo-Dough Base on the market. At just 39kcal and 2.2g carbs, as well as the aforementioned 9.3g fibre, it's waiting to be topped with sauce and cheese straight from the packet. Unlike a low-calorie wrap pizza, our high fibre numbers will satisfy your appetite and fill you up until the next meal. Our unique manufacturing process gives it 12 months shelf life without the need for shelf-life stabilising additives. Gluten free? Like all the options above, we cater for the gluten intolerant. The wheat fibre used in our bases is certified gluten free and tested regularly and unlike most gluten free products, we are virtually free of carbs.

Low Carb Lo-Dough base

Low-carb pizza recipes

Check out the recipes below; some simple pizzas recipes to get those creative juices flowing. We've even included our cauliflower cheese pizza recipe to show you how pizza and cauliflower is really done! 

Low carb pizza — classic Margherita style

Low carb margherita pizza

The simple things done well can be the best. We do it seriously low-carb.

'American Hot', low-carb pizza

Low carb pepperoni and jalapeno pizza sliced

Spicy and meaty, nothing beats the low-carb pizza stylings of our Lo-Dough American Hot.

Cauliflower-cheese low carb pizza

Low carb cauliflower cheese pizza

Trust us — this is how you combine cauliflower and pizza for a low carb diet. Accept no inferior substitutes. 

Low-carb protein pizza

High protein low carb pizza

Gym-junkies and fitness fanatics, this is a low-carb pizza that comes packed with protein. Perfect for a post-workout meal.