Perfect Protein-Packed Breakfast Recipes

High Protein Breakfast Ideas To Try

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and, as such, should be nutritious and keep you packed with energy until lunch. Studies have shown that getting a healthy amount of protein in your morning meal can help keep you full and satisfied, reduce hunger and, as a result, stop you snacking through the morning. We have included our favourite protein-packed breakfast ideas below - all made with Lo-Dough so are also low calorie, low carb and delicious. 

Low carb bacon wrap

Bacon and Cheese Wrap

Sometimes we just want something grab-and-go for food...  easy breakfast, quick lunches, etc. This Lo-Dough toastie pocket is just the kind of thing. 1 Original Lo-Dough base, some cheese, some cooked bacon and a little spray oil are all you need to get this delicious high protein breakfast onto your plate.

Low carb breakfast quiche

Full English Breakfast Quiche 

Sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, well, it's all here... not to mention eggs, cheese and sweet fried onions. Our low calorie breakfast quiche is the perfect start to the day - ridiculously tasty and filling, yet also incredibly low calorie and low-carb. 

Vegetarian breakfast stack

Veggie Breakfast Stack

Looking for a vegetarian alternative to a fry up? This one’s for you. A great veggie sausage, grilled cheesy mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and wilted spinach fill up the layers of our savoury French toast stack. The whole thing is topped with a perfect fried egg, with an oozy runny yolk.

Breakfast French toast

French Toast Breakfast Stack 

By switching the regular bread in your breakfast for Lo-Dough's low-carb bread - and turning it into savoury French toast, you can include all of your favourite breakfast items in this decadent stack while keeping the calories and carbs down and boosting your protein and fibre. 

Smoked Salmon scrambled eggs french toast

Low Carb Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg French Toast 

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs are just a perfect treat for breakfast. The soft, creamy eggs (flecked. with chives or spring onion tops) perfectly compliment the smoky flavour of the salmon. This protein-packed breakfast would also be perfect for a ketogenic diet, as its super low carb and full of healthy fats from the salmon. 

Low carb pancakes

Low Carb Scotch Pancakes with Bacon

Scotch pancakes, bacon and syrup. Doesn't sound like it's gonna be low-carb, does it? Well, by using a blitzed Lo-Dough base as your flour replacement and swapping out the standard maple syrup for an ultra low-sugar fibre syrup, you can have this delicious breakfast on a low carb or keto diet. 

Low calorie pancakes

Low Calorie Pancakes With Mixed Fruit and Yoghurt

Don’t like your pancakes with bacon? Not to worry, these mixed fruit and yoghurt pancakes are just as (if not more) delicious. If you want to up the protein of this recipe, try adding in some crushed nuts on top. 

Keto avocado french toast

Smashed Avocado on French Toast

Smashed avocado and poached egg sits atop four soaked slices of french toast made with Lo-Dough. The whole thing is set off with some roasted cherry tomatoes and a few strokes of parmesan. This is a low carb high protein breakfast of champions.

Low carb salmon quiche

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Quiche 

Smoked salmon and eggs - something about it just feels posh! It certainly tastes luxurious. and with Lo-Dough, you can keep all that luxurious flavour on your plate but ditch the carbs and calories. This low carb quiche would also be perfect made in advance for brunch or a picnic. 

Low carb breakfast toastie

Low Carb Breakfast Toastie

Nothing beats a solid breakfast to get the day off to a good start - on our take on the bacon, sausage and egg butty (with added cheese and tomato) will do just that! The only difference is - ours is low in carbs, low in calories and packed with so much fibre that it will stave off hunger for the rest of the morning! 

Low carb breakfast recipes

Low Carb Croque Madame

The key to our low-carb toastie is to use Lo-Dough and to swap our the flour-based roux for a little creme fraiche (in this case half-fat, but the choice is yours). By making these two switches, your incredibly indulgent toastie clocks in at just 3g carbohydrate for the lot and a whopping 27g protein.

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