Pizza — the misunderstood ‘junk food’ | Lo-Dough Pizza

Is all pizza unhealthy? 

Pizza, with its combination of carb-heavy dough and fat laden cheese is, in its original form, not particularly healthy and best enjoyed as an occasional treat. The problem of course  is that it’s delicious - something we all crave a little more than is perfectly healthy.

This is true of traditional takeaway pizzas or shop-bought pizzas - they are certainly not great for your body in excess. But, the 'healthier alternatives' — cloud dough bases, chicken breast pizza, cauliflower base pizzas, even pizzas with holes cut through them, pizzas with (whisper it) a lower amount of cheese added — all of them are... well they’re just not pizza, are they?

Low carb Lo-Dough chicken pizza on a white background with a Lo-Dough base

Homemade healthy pizza 

Lo-Dough see’s the route to tasty healthy pizza a little differently. We want to keep all the delicious stuff on top. We also want you to feel satisfied and full after eating your pizza, enjoying full flavoured toppings and lots of oozy cheese. In fact, once you realise that about 50-60%of the calories of a traditional pizza are found in the base, switching out to Lo-Dough makes sense. 

For us, it all starts with a healthy/low calorie pizza base. If weight loss or weight management is your ultimate goal, then swapping out a calorie and carb-laden pizza base for Lo-Dough is a good place to start, because dialling back the cheese seems to defeat the object of having a pizza to begin with. 

Frozen Lo-Dough pizza being made

Healthy frozen pizza

Is frozen pizza unhealthy? Well, if made with a traditional base and loaded up with cheese, then it's not the best for our bodies. But, not if you make them and freeze them yourself. Did you know you can make up Lo-Dough pizzas and freeze them? It takes seconds and is a perfect bit of weekend food prep to have you a few frozen pizzas waiting and ready for you in your time of need.  

Healthy pizza for weight loss

Here are some healthy pizza ideas to get you started. With Lo-Dough you could enjoy pizza daily and still lose weight. It is even suitable to enjoy on a 800kcal fasting diet (with some of our pizzas coming in under 200 kcal and a huge number hovering at around 300kcal). With that in mind, all you need is the inspiration to keep your pizzas varied and interesting. For the full list, check out our Top 10 Low Calorie Pizzas For Weight Loss.

Healthy pizza recipes

Ham & mushroom Lo-Dough pizza on a wooden board with a pizza cutter

170kcal ham & mushroom pizza

Pizza under 200 calories seems like a pipe dream but we're here to tell you in can be a delicious reality. 

Protein cheese and ham Lo-Dough pizza on crumpled brown paper

Protein pizza

Instead of reaching for the protein shake, why not opt for a quick high protein pizza instead? The same amount of protein and ready in 15 minutes. 

Slimming world cheese and tomato Lo-Dough pizza sliced on crumpled brown paper

Slimming pizza

Slimming and pizza aren't often seen together, but with our low calorie pizza bases you can enjoy your favourites while staying on plan. 

Healthy vegetarian Padana Lo-Dough pizza on a wooden board

Padana pizza

Healthy vegetarian pizzas can still be packed with protein and flavour — like this low calorie Padana pizza. 

Looking for a healthy pizza sauce recipe? Read our guide to making your own tomato-based pizza sauce - with four fantastic styles available.