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Lo-Dough Cup Cakes

Lo-Dough Cup Cakes

Type: Dessert Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow calorieLow carbLow fatSlimming friendly

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Incredible, Light, Low-Calorie Cupcakes - Make Them With Lo-Dough!

Lo-Dough cupcakes are go! That's right, you can make beautiful cupcakes in a matter of minutes (under 10 minutes, in fact!), using Lo-Dough as the primary ingredient. The key to the quick cooking time... Microwave them! That's right, blitz your Lo-Dough, mix in a few other ingredients, split the mix between three silicone or even just paper cupcake moulds and microwave for 2 minutes. At this point, you have three cupcakes at under 2 carbs and 80 calories each. 

So, depending on your particular diet, you can dress them any way that suits. A little chocolate is always good - keep to the darker stuff if you are keto. If keeping the calories down, maybe just a chocolate drizzle, rather than a full coating. 

You could add jam, or cream, or both. You could add a cream cheese frosting. Sprinkles, nuts, pretty much anything you like - feel free to experiment. 

Low Calorie Cupcakes

Low-Calorie Cakes

With blitzed Lo-Dough, the cake options are endless. You can make brownies, blondies, Bakewell cakes, mug cakes and now cupcakes. You can also make all manner of savoury options - our site is full of recipes for you to try!