5 low-carb Mexican masterpieces (and some awesome sides)

Lo-Dough is perfect for making Mexican and Tex-Mex meals low calories and low carb

Rich, spicy, vibrant, colourful, varied, zingy - any number of adjectives could be applied to the wonderful flavours of Mexico and the bordering US states. Delicious though it may be, when made with the traditional tortillas and rice, a Mexican meal can become incredibly heavy on the carbs.

That's where Lo-Dough comes in. Swapping out tortillas for Lo-Dough is an obvious swap (roll out your Lo-Dough with a rolling pin for a tortilla-like texture). But you should think about swapping out rice too, by making a chilli con carne bowl! 

Check out some of our favourite Mexican-inspired recipes...


Low Calorie Enchiladas

Low-calorie, low-carb, high-fibre & ridiculously tasty - this enchilada recipe, made with Lo-Dough, has it all! It's ready in under an hour and is pretty much the perfect weekend recipe! In can be scaled up or down very easily, so could easily become a family meal. This recipe is written for 2 pieces of Lo-Dough, but you can easily adjust for more if needed.


Low Calorie Mexican

This is the Mexican flavour hit you've been waiting for! Shredded chicken, STACKS of mixed veg, spice and cheese - with Lo-Dough replacing the carb-heavy tortillas you'd normally find. 

It's simple to make and a lot of the prep can be done ahead to make your life even easier! Try alongside, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, pickled chillis - anything you like really!

Chilli Bowl

Low Calorie Mexican

On a cold Autumn night, what could be better than chilli con carne. Spicy, wholesome and full of flavour, it's a great example of comfort food at it's finest. 

We've served our's in a Lo-Dough bowl, with a few optional accompaniments. By using a Lo-Dough bowl instead of the usual rice, you massive lower the carbs and calories, whilst upping the fibre (the chilli and Lo-Dough bowl supply 14g of fibre!).


Low Calorie Mexican

Low-carb nachos may seem like a tall order. Not with Lo-Dough.

Nachos are a great, simple snack food - perfect for parties or nights in front of the TV. Using a few simple shop-bought ingredients, this can be thrown together in minutes, or you can go to town and make your own chilli and other sides and make this something of an event - the choice is yours.

Chipotle Pizza

Low-Calorie Mexican

The twist here is magical chipotle paste. If you haven't come across it before, you're gonna thank us for this. Chipotle is a pepper that has been dried in smoke. They are used in a number of Mexican and Mexican-inspired dishes and their unique smokiness is desirable and very moreish. For home cooking, the best way to get hold of this flavour is via a paste, readily available in most supermarkets. 

On the side...


Low-Calorie Mexican

A properly made Guacamole is hard to beat. Nothing you can buy in the shops even comes close. Some people swear by a chunkier texture, others prefer it a little smoother, but we think the best way to serve this is a with a little bit of both. If making with a whole avocado, mash up half with a fork, and chunk up the other half with a knife.  

Pico de Gallo (salsa)


Low Calorie Mexican

Pico de Gallo is a classic Mexican side and will work perfectly with any number of Mexican-inspired Lo-Dough dishes. The sour tang, raw onions/garlic onion punch and juicy tomatoes work so well with the richer foods they are often served alongside. It just so happens to be completely fat-free, 24 calories and only 6 carbs per serving, so its the perfect sauce for dieters of all stripes!