Best Low Carb BBQ Ideas

Healthy BBQ ideas that are delicious and perfect for low-sugar/keto diets. 

Barbecue season in the UK is often shorter than most of us would like - or wetter. But when the weather takes an upturn, there's nothing better than getting the barbie out and enjoying perfectly charred foodie favourites in the sunshine. We've compiled a short and simple list for those who are looking to put a slightly healthier spin on their BBQ while keeping it as tasty as ever!

healthy bbq

  1. Healthier choices and cuts of meat

    Oily fish like salmon and skinless chicken breasts are healthier cuts of meat. Leaner cuts are better if you’re looking for low calorie options - look to buy cuts like pork loin, lean steak and low fat burgers and sausages. Or, if following a keto diet - look for well-reared cuts with plenty of good quality fat!

    Vegetarian bbq
  2. Veggies have a place too

    Veggies at a BBQ tend to be reduced to the lettuce and tomato that sits underneath your burger - but they can be so much more than that. Grilling whole vegetables like corn on the cob or peppers, or making halloumi and mixed vegetables kebabs are a great way to get loads of colour on your plate as well as some great sweet and charred flavours. Additionally, the quality and volume of meat-free alternatives continues to rise - meaning vegetarian burgers and hotdogs are very much on the menu!

    Homemade coleslaw
  3. Make your own sides and salad dressings

    Shop bought coleslaw and salad dressings are delicious and a great option if you’re short of time (or want a relaxed barbeque with minimal effort!). But if you’ve got a little more time on your hands, creating homemade versions of these will undoubtedly reduce calories, sugar and saturated fat. Try our curried coleslaw recipe or our summer salad as delicious and healthy sides, or why not try a Spice’n’Tice rub for your meat.

    Low carb bread
  4. Low carb alternatives

    Soft, pillowy bread buns go hand in hand with perfectly grilled meat and vegetables. But if you want to still enjoy all your favourite BBQ elements while keeping carbohydrates to a minimum, our Original Lo-Dough Bases are a great low carb bread alternative. Make perfect burger pockets or proper tasty, low carb kebabs.

    Low calorie ice cream sandwich
  5. Low calorie dessert ideas

    On a hot day, there’s nothing more that we crave than a good ice lolly or ice cream to finish us off after a BBQ spread. There are loads of great low sugar frozen dessert options, but if you want to try something a little different why not make our delicious brownie ice cream sandwiches ahead of time. You won’t be disappointed!

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