Easy Healthy Junk Food

Does Healthy Junk Food Exist? 

When junk food is mentioned, pizza, burgers, cakes and kebabs flood into our minds - and often so too the cravings for these meals. Almost any food is perfectly fine to eat in moderation, however, instead of opting for a super calorific, often carb-heavy high street takeaway, why not try to recreate your favourites yourself. Although some may make the case for convenience, by making one of these easy Lo-Dough 'junk food' recipes, you can save on calories, refined carbs, and money - while keeping all of the indulgence and flavour. Below you can find our very best low calorie junk food recipes - to satisfy both your sweet and savoury tooth!

Pizza comparison

How To Make Easy, Healthy Pizza

It’s no secret that one of the nation’s favourite takeaways is pizza. Pizza is often considered unhealthy due to its high saturated fat content and calorific toppings, however, most of the calories are found in the refined carbs that lie in the base. By swapping your takeaway for a pizza made with a Lo-Dough base, you can slash the calories and reduce the carbs by up to 90%, provide your diet with a healthy boost of fibre, and still enjoy really indulgent toppings. 


Low carb pepperoni pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

We know that the nation is passionate about pepperoni pizza. By making yours with a Lo-Dough base, you can load up on the good stuff while reducing your carb intake by over 90%.

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low calorie cheese pizza

Quattro Formaggi Pizza

Quattro Formaggi translates to mean 4 cheese, because you can never have too much cheese! Traditionally made with a blue cheese, mozzarella, parmesan and a soft creamy cheese, you can include all of these and still enjoy a whole pizza for less than 400 calories. 

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Low carb chicken wings

Southern Style Chicken

Although we use less than 11 herbs and spices in our blend, our Southern Style Coating is perfect for that ‘Fried Chicken’ fixwithout the added calories. Say hello to the perfect low carb, low fat, crispy coating. 

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low carb breakfast sandwich

Low Carb Breakfast Stack

Complete with bacon, sausage patty, egg, cheese, and a super simple homemade hash brown - this is the ultimate low-calorie breakfast stack to kick off your day. A little over 300 calories just 10g of carbs in the whole lot! 

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Katsu Curry

Chicken Katsu Curry 

Wagamama’s Chicken Katsu Curry is a talisman for takeaways and is beloved by many (including ourselves). But, by simply coating your chicken with our Southern Style Coating and swapping out the sauce for Spice ‘N’ Tice's Katsu Curry Sauce, you can cut the calories by over 60%.

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low calorie kebab

Turkish Doner Kebab

The word kebab is frequently prefixed with the word ‘dirty’, as takeaway kebabs are often laden with fat and come with a carb-heavy naan or wrap. Not this one. You can enjoy our take on a Turkish Chicken Doner for a little over 200 calories and just 5g of carbs. 

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Deep dish pizza

Deep Dish Veggie

The deep-dish pizza is synonymous with Chicago and thick, doughy bases. We have put a Lo-Dough spin on this icon - we’ve kept the rich, veggie filling while reducing the carbs of the base, and it’s delicious! Just 268 calories for the WHOLE pizza. 

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Lo-Dough DoughnutsLow Carb Lo-Dough Doughnuts

Forget Krispy Kreme, these are the only doughnuts you need. By blitzing up a Lo-Dough base in a food processor, you can make incredible light and fluffy, low-calorie, low-carb and high protein donuts without compromising on flavour. 

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low calorie ice cream sundae

Brownie Ice Cream Sundae

A whole ice cream sundae complete with brownies, sauce and chocolate curls for under 300 calories? Yes, we're serious. With our low-calorie brownie mix, you can create a really indulgent dessert without the usual calories attached but with all the taste! 

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low calorie chocolate cake

Low Calorie Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake

Pudding in a hurry? No problem with our low-calorie brownie mix. You can make this tasty hot chocolate fudge cake in just 2 minutes flat. Better still, the whole thing contains just 117 kcals, leaving room for a scoop of ice cream on top! 

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low calorie chocolate cake

Black Forest Brownie Cake

When you think of healthy desserts, low-calorie cake usually isn't on the list. Well, this cake breaks that mould. This recipe is complete with homemade jam and is so easy to make with our simple brownie mix. The fact that it's under 200 calories for a huge slice is just the cherry on top. 

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