Best 5 Mother's Day Breakfast Recipes To Spoil Her

A collection of the best Mothers day breakfast she could hope to wake up to. Low-calorie breakfasts that taste delicious.

We believe that nothing says “I love you” more than a beautifully prepared, scrumptious breakfast (preferably in bed), which is actually good for you. As Mother’s Day is upon us once again, we thought we’d share some of our mouth-watering recipes so you can really give mum the start to the day she deserves.

Mothers Day breakfasts

So, get her to put her feet up, put the kettle on, and treat her to a special Lo-Dough breakfast which is both low in calories and high in love. Whether mum loves smashed avo on toast, or perhaps something slightly sweeter like pancakes, we have the recipes that will ensure she feels truly appreciated. As they’re so easy to prepare, you can treat her like a queen with less prep time in the kitchen (and more time for quality chatting!).

Mothers Day recipes

#1 Low Fat Raspberry and Vanilla Pancakes

Low calorie raspberry pancakes

Don’t be fooled by the “low fat” aspect - these fruity creations are so rich in flavour, you really can have your cake and eat it. It’s hard to believe that something so indulgent comes in at just 241 calories - approximately the same as a 250ml glass of wine. Absolutely worth it. 

This is the perfect treat to add sweetness to your Mother’s Day, and with it weighing in at just 5g fat, we think she’ll be prouder than ever!

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#2 Smoked Salmon Breakfast Quiche

 Smoked Salmon Breakfast Quiche

Even mums like surprises - and this unique and delicious take on a breakfast quiche is sure to knock her socks off. The combination of smoked salmon and egg has been a breakfast and brunch favourite for decades, which is why it works so wonderfully in this Lo-Dough quiche. If you want to give her another surprise, tell her it's just 253 calories and 3g carbs per quarter! 

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#3 Avocado French Toast

Avocado French Toast

Smashed avocado on toast is a staple on any breakfast menu - which is why we had to include it for mum! We have reduced the carbs of this fan favourite by switching out the bread for Lo-Dough French toast, while being sure to keep the indulgence. Meaning she can enjoy this whole plate for only 20g carbs (reduce this further by ditching the roasted toms!).

Top tip: soak your Lo-Dough French toast over night to give it an even richer  flavour! 

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#4 Brownie Smoothie Bowl

Brownie Smoothie Bowl

It's hard to believe that brownies could be a welcomed addition to a healthy, low calorie breakfast - but with our Lo-Dough Brownie Mix, they can be! This sumptuous smoothie bowl comes in at 303 calories for the lot - a colourful and delicious breakfast that is sure to brighten mum's morning and keep her smiling through the day.

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#5 Banana Waffles

Banana Waffles

A breakfast idea we're sure won't split opinion. These Lo-Dough waffles are so easy to make - especially if you make the batter ahead of time - and crisp up deliciously when baked in the oven. Topped with fresh banana and syrup, who can argue with an indulgent breakfast like this for a little over 200 calories - mum will love it! 

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