Healthy Halloween Treats With Less Sugar

Low-sugar Halloween treats and spooky seasonal indulgence! 

Halloween is the season of sweet indulgence, spooky orange tones and pumpkin spiced goodness. This year why not put a healthy spin on your Halloween themed treats. We’ve got the ultimate low sugar sweet snacks for children and adults that will definitely get you in the ghoul-icious mood. Amongst the low sugar Halloween treats here we've got Halloween brownies, spooky pizzas, pumpkin-based low sugar desserts, gross out (but delicious) eye-balls and more.  

Our brownie and vanilla sponge mixes are the perfect bases for your sweet treats. Not only are they low-calorie, low-carb, low-sugar and high fibre, they are just-add-water and bake options, so great for getting the kids involved. 

Low calorie Halloween pizzas

As ever, our trusty Lo-Dough bases are fantastic low-carb bread and pastry replacements, perfect for low calorie Halloween treats such as our spooky pizzas (trust us, it's incredible) and a pastry case for pumpkin pie.

Finally, there is also our fantastic Southern Style Coating—which works brilliantly as a topping for our pumpkin gratin—the perfect way to use up all those pumpkin offcuts! 

It you want a happy and healthy Halloween, make it with Lo-Dough.

Halloween Ghost brownies

Low-Sugar Halloween Ghost Brownies

Cute as a button and super fun to make. These reduced-sugar white chocolate coated brownies are hauntingly tasty and a great Halloween recipe for kids too. 

Low calorie marble cake

Firework Cake

This cake explodes with flavour. Add some colour to your evening with this amazing low-sugar cake Firework cake - all you need is our Vanilla sponge mix and your favourite food colourings. 

Low calorie Halloween brownies

White Chocolate Eyeballs 

A Halloween dessert that, literally, looks the part! Our grizzly low-sugar treats are tastier than they look.

Healthy Halloween Pizzas

Spooky Halloween Pizza 

This low-carb pizza will give you the creeps and satisfy your taste buds in quick succession. The creepy crawlies are a fun and tasty way to pack these pizzas with some more vegetables too.