How To Make The Ultimate Low Calorie Cake with Lo-Dough's Vanilla Sponge Mix

Getting the most from your healthy cake mix

Very few people can say no to cake! Soft, yet moist sponge (whether it's simple vanilla or some other flavour) filled and/or topped with even more deliciousness is pretty hard to resist. 

Lo-Dough’s Vanilla Sponge Mix, lets you make a sponge cake like no other. Not only is it light, sweet and delicious, it is considerably lower in both calories and carbs than anything else on the market. In fact, it’s under 50 kcal per serving. And… it’s sugar-free! 

low calorie cake

That's not all. It’s gluten-free, high-protein and each piece contains 6.9g grams of gut-friendly fibre. All this makes a wedge of Lo-Dough’s vanilla sponge a positively healthy choice. One bag of our mix makes 6 substantial portions and as soon as you bite through, you’ll be greeted with the familiar taste of heavenly vanilla-scented sponge.

Slimming, keto, fitness, general health, calorie counting, gluten free—or just looking for a healthier alternative? Our incredible mix works for all the above. 

So, how do I make a low calorie cake?

This one is easy! With Lo-Dough’s Vanilla Sponge Mix, all you need to do is add water and mix thoroughly, ideally with an electric mixer, and then line your 6-inch tin or mould. Fill the mould, then bake in a preheated oven for 30-35 minutes, until ready. 

That’s it?

Well, yes and no. That is the basic cake made in its most simple way. But the real beauty of the mix is that like our bases, this is just a blank canvas for you to create on. You can add fruits, nuts, flavours, cocoa, chocolate chunks. You can add in a little more sweetness if your heart desired, or even sourness in form of citrus juices. You can colour it and you can bake it into sandwich cakes, loaves, muffins and more. The point is, to make your ultimate low calorie cake, you have to make it perfect for your tastes.

Low calorie cake recipes 

Below are some of the variety of recipes you can make with our sugar free cake mix. Perhaps theres something you fancy there. If not, feel free to experiment with the flavours and additions your heart desires. 

Low calorie Chocolate cake with Guinness

Low calorie cake lolly pops

Low calorie banana bread

Low calorie spiced apple muffins

Low calorie scones


If you are looking for more sweet inspiration, we can highly recommend our Sweet Treats Cookbook. Packed with amazing recipes using products from across our range, it’s the ultimate guide, nay bible, for all things low calorie and sweet.