How To Eat Low Carb While Cutting Out Gluten

Simple gluten-free lunches that don't come crammed with carbs 

Whether working from home or on-the-go, Lo-Dough can offer you amazing gluten free meals that don't come packed with calories or carbs. Even if you aren't dieting, you'll be glad to enjoy our gluten free options and the low-calorie/low-carb credentials will come as a bonus! 

Low calorie chicken pizza

Gluten free lunch at home... how about pizza?

Unlike other gluten free breads and doughs, Lo-Dough doesn't flake apart or crumble easily. This makes it a perfect, thin flatbread, ideal as a base for a pizza. If you are working at home, this means you could technically eat a pizza for lunch everyday, as a number of ours clock in at under 300 kcal and frankly the vast majority are yours for under 400kcal. Carbs? Most of our pizzas are under 10g, with many as low as 5-6g. 

Gluten free pastry

But it's not just pizza. It also makes for an incredible pastry replacement when making a quiche or tart. This turns your finished dish into something that can be sliced, portioned and taken to work (or anywhere else for that matter) in a lunch box. Sweet tooth? A similar method can be employed to create amazing custard tarts and flans. Sweet or savoury, these are perfect for those of you with busy, on-the-go AND gluten-free lifestyles. 

Gluten free lunch wrap

Gluten free wraps

Our low calorie, gluten free sandwich wraps are the simplest way of all to use our bases. Endlessly versatile, these are to be filled with anything you like. Indeed, the only thing all wraps made with Lo-Dough have in common is that they are low-cal, low-carb and gluten free. 

And that's us in a nutshell...

Lo-Dough: Low Calorie. Low Carb. Gluten Free. 

Check out a selection of gluten free recipes below...

Ricotta and pesto gluten free pizza

These classic Italian flavours will make the most perfect gluten free lunch. Ready in ten to fifteen minutes!

Gluten Free Quiche with Brie and Ham

Perfect hot out of the oven or packed into a lunch box the next day, this gluten free quiche is seriously low carb. 

Gluten Free Egg Custard and Raspberry Tart

For those looking for a gluten free pastry dessert, this one will satisfy sans the calories.

Gluten Free Sandwich Wrap: Mackerel, Beetroot and Horseradish

Nothing says simplicity like a quick wrap. Our mackerel and beetroot wrap is big on flavour and nutrients, whilst low in calories and carbs. Gluten free, naturally. 

Leftover Roast Dinner In A Gluten Free Wrap

Lo-Dough loves leftovers. Make an amazing gluten free wrap using all your favourite Sunday lunch leftovers. 

Gluten-free products: Did you know? 

You can also use our Southern Style Coating our Brownie Mix and our Vanilla Sponge Mix whilst on a gluten free diet. Check them out individually, or grab yourself a bundle from our shop