Low Calorie Breakfast Ideas To Fill You Up | 300 calories or less

Low-Calorie Breakfasts or Low-Carb Breakfasts? With Lo-Dough, The Choice Is Yours. 

Getting your day off to a great start when sticking to any kind of diet plan can be a struggle. It is often described as the most important meal of the day and for good reason, but many people simply struggle for time between waking and getting on with their daily routine. With Lo-Dough, we’ve got some great tips and morning meal inspiration to get you filled up for the morning, but with a low-calorie breakfast for weight loss meal, not a gut busting, carb laden plate or sugar cereal bowl. 

Low calorie low carb pancakes

A 300 calorie breakfast

We have a number of breakfasts available to you for less than 300 kcal. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, Lo-Dough can provide you with a fibre packed, hearty feed that won’t put your diet out of whack. In fact, we can offer you low calorie breakfast muffins for as little as 60-70 kcal or high protein breakfasts for under 200 calories. 

Low-carb breakfasts

The key to cutting calories here is to cut carbs. Each piece of Lo-Dough contains only 2.2g of carbohydrate, allowing you to enjoy a little more of the tastier, fattier ingredients, or to cut down on both fat and carbs for a fantastic slimming meal. You won’t miss that carbohydrate filler, beauce in its place, we offer 9.3g of fibre per base instead - great for your gut and your waistline.

Some of our favourite low calorie breakfast recipes: 

Full English Breakfast Quiche

We couldn't not start with a version of a Full English breakfast. Our's takes some of the classic components and transports them into one of our low-carb quiches. Mix and match your favourites and give this incredible low-calorie breakfast a go.

Bacon and Cheese Toastie Pocket 

Nothing beats a bacon sarnie, and ours delivers the same great taste without the carbs and with a huge reduction in calories and big gains in belly filling fibre. Sit down at the table and enjoy or wrap up and devour this low calorie breakfast on the go.

Cinnamon French Toast

Classic french toast tastes - not so classic calories and carbs. We’ve gone fruity, but this adaptable dish can be taken in a savoury direction if you prefer.

Smoked Salmon Quiche

Decadent breakfast flavours using Lo-Dough as a handy low-calorie, low carb pastry replacement. One quiche makes 4 portions (or 2 if you are feeling super hungry) and thanks to the fibre and high protein content, you’ll be satisfied for the whole morning.

Sweet Breakfast Pan Sandwich

Our sweet pan sandwich was a revelation when we first came up with it. Naughty and nice - this is delicious indulgence at a fraction of the calories.

Banana Waffles & Syrup

Waffles and bananas are a match made in heaven first thing and our low-cal version won’t disappoint. Low-calorie breakfasts for weight loss are easy when you make it with Lo-Dough.

Banana and Raspberry French Toast

Even simpler than waffles, our French toast and banana recipe makes for a perfect pairing and is packed with gut healthy fibre too. This low calorie breakfast is yours in moments.

Blackberry and Raspberry Mug Cake

Low carb muffins and cakes for breakfast? Don’t mind if we do! Both our Original Lo-Dough Bases and our Vanilla sponge mix and the key ingredients to these incredible low carb breakfasts.

Peaches and Cream French Toast

Peaches and cream are another winning combination - again, our egg soaked Lo-Dough bases make the perfect foil for them in this delightful low-calorie breakfast.

Scotch Pancakes with Fruit

Last but not least, did you know you can make light fluffy scotch pancakes with Lo-Dough? Just blitz our bases down to a crumb and you have the flour replacement ingredient for a calorie controlled breakfast that bursts with flavour.