Are We Controlled By Our Sweet Tooth?

Sugar Consumption in the UK

In the UK, daily recommended free sugar consumption is currently no more than 30g and 24g for adults and children respectively. However, due to the abundance of of the sweet stuff in products like cakes, fizzy drinks, flavoured milk and jarred pasta sauces, we are consuming far more than this - with 4- to 10-year-old's consuming more than twice as much sugar as they should per day. Too much sugar in your diet can contribute to obesity, tooth decay and also increase the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.


No more desserts?!

We aren't saying you have to give up all of your favourite sweet treats, however we do need to become a little smarter with the high-sugar options we eat! Some really simple quick fixes to reduce your sugar consumption include:

  • Making your own pasta sauces (these can be made in bulk and then refrigerated/frozen and saved for later)
  • Try to reduce the amount of sugar in your recipes (if you're looking for a sweet replacement, try low calorie sweeteners like Erithrytol)
  • Swap sugary fizzy drinks for waterdiet or no-added-sugar alternatives

    Low Sugar Lo-Dough Recipes

    By swapping out the refined carb element of your dinner - bread, pasta, pastry, flour, etc - for a Lo-Dough base reduces significantly reduces the amount of overall carbs and sugar in your meal, as each piece contains just 2.2g of carbs and zero sugar. Check out some of our favourite low sugar recipes below. 


    3.8g sugars (per enchilada)

    low carb enchiladas

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    Turkey and Mushroom Pudding

    2g sugars (per quarter)

    low carb pudding

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    Low-Carb Lasagne

    5g sugars (per serving)

    low carb lasagne

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    Peanut Butter Brownies

    3.3g sugars (per brownie)

    low sugar brownies

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    Low Sugar Vanilla Flan

    0.5g sugars (per quarter)

    low carb flan

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    Chocolate Orange Tart

    6g sugars (per quarter)

    low sugar chocolate tart

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