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Family favourites that everyone will enjoy

The school holidays are in full swing, so this week's meal plan inspiration is all about slimming-friendly meals that the whole family will love. These recipes are so tasty, they won't even realise they're low-calorie, and if you're just cooking for one or two people, you can always enjoy these meals as leftovers the day after. 

Lo-Dough Meal Plan

The Lo-Dough Veggie Supreme Pizza

Monday Dinner: The Lo-Dough Veggie Supreme Pizza

Sweetcorn, mixed peppers, onions, spinach, mushrooms, olives and a little chilli are all placed over a cheesed and sauced Lo-Dough base, giving you a perfect vegetarian meal, packed with fibre and healthy nutrients. 

Full Recipe: The Lo-Dough Veggie Supreme Pizza

On-Plan Lasagne

Tuesday Dinner: On-Plan Lasagne

This one isn't just low-carb, it's low calorie too. It can even be made into an ultra low carb, keto-friendly dish, or a low-fat slimming meal! Here, we'll run through some basic principles when making the sauce as to how to make your lasagne suit almost any diet, so you can all enjoy this classic dish in all its glory. 

Full Recipe: On-Plan Lasagne

Low-Carb Fish Fingers - Southern Style!

Wednesday Lunch: Low-Carb Fish Fingers - Southern Style!

For the tastiest low-calorie, low-carb fish fingers, look no further than our Southern Style Coating to create a delicious crunchy coating that is packed with flavour. 

Full Recipe: Low-Carb Fish Fingers

Low-carb Halloumi Fries

Thursday Snack: 
Low-carb Halloumi Fries

These incredible halloumi fries are a crispy-coated delight, made for dipping, sharing and out and out enjoying. Ready in under 30 minutes, they are a doddle to make as well. We've baked them in the hottest possible oven and served ours with a yoghurt and harissa dip, giving us the lowest calorie version of this dish.

Full Recipe: Low-carb Halloumi Fries


Friday Dessert: 

Using our Lo-Dough bases (blitzed to a crumb in a food processor), you can make incredible low-calorie and low-carb doughnuts, without compromising on flavour. Our naked doughnuts come in at 42 calories and 1g of carbs and how you top them is up to you!

Full Recipe: Lo-Doughnuts

170 Calorie Veggie Enchiladas

Saturday Dinner: 170 Calorie Veggie Enchiladas

If some serious veggie comfort food is what you are after, these low-cal veggie enchiladas will tick all the boxes. They come in at 170 calories each and just 16 carbs per portion, as well as a massive 15g of fibre - half your daily recommended intake. 

Full Recipe: 170 Calorie Veggie Enchiladas

New York Style Baked Brownie Cheesecake

Sunday Dessert: New York Style Baked Brownie Cheesecake

If following a low-carb diet, cheesecake might feel like something that is completely off the cards. Well, here's the recipe you've been waiting for - for just 6g of carbs per generous slice, we know you're going to love this one!

Full Recipe: New York Style Baked Brownie Cheesecake

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