Simple Easter Baking Ideas

Make Easter easier and healthier with Lo-Dough's low-carb baking ideas

Easter is just around the corner, and we’ve got everything you need to enjoy some springtime baking. We have some simple baking ideas from Easter cupcakes to Easter brownies and even a Lo-Dough hot cross bun recipe for you. By swapping our Lo-Dough Brownie Mix or an Original Base into your recipes, you make low calorie, gluten free baking a breeze, while still tucking into your favourite Easter treats. 

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Easter Cupcakes 

Easter comes but once a year and if you are looking for reduced sugar treats that won't pile on the calories or massively ramp up the carbs, then these cupcakes are the ones for you. This recipe is great for kids and big kids alike.  


Low calorie chocolate cake

Easter Chocolate Cake

Our low carb, low sugar chocolate cake is pure luxury and just perfect for Easter. It’s also over 200 calories per serving - although it tastes like much more! 


Low calorie ginger brownies

Easter Stem Ginger Brownies

Ginger and chocolate is a great combination and this recipe is so easy to pull together. A little goes a long way, so you won't be upping the carbs too excessively either!


Low carb black forest gateau

Black Forest Gateau

We've taken the flavours of a classic black forest gateau and  turned our brownie mix into something very special indeed. We’ve even included a low sugar jam - simply boil down half a tin of cherries with a touch of erythritol and then thicken it with cornflour - no more sugar added! 


Low carb ginger biscuits

Ginger Biscuits

Is it a cookie? Is it a biscuit? With Lo-Dough it can be anything your imagination conjures and, at 21 calories each, who cares what the name is? The butter in this comforting recipe infuses with the Lo-Dough, whilst the ginger syrup crisps up to create a lovely crunchy style biscuit.


Low calorie birthday cake

Brownie Birthday Cake

The perfect birthday cake for an Easter baby. It’s made with our low calorie brownie mix, making it super quick to make and just 170 calories per wedge. Leaving more room for delicious extras!

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