Stay in Ketosis with Lo-Dough

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high fat diet which has seen popularity not just in weight loss, but also in wellness and medical fields too. Experts claim that a keto diet has fast and effective weight loss results, though debates are still on about whether or not it’s a suitable diet long term. The reason? People struggle to keep it up, and maintain ‘ketosis’ - effectively, a primal metabolic state where your body starts to produce a lot of ketones to supply energy.

Getting into Ketosis

Maintaining ketosis is one thing, but getting there in the first place is quite another. The body will go into ketosis when, put simply, it has no access to carbohydrates (it normal source of fuel) - it then starts to break down fat to use for energy instead. When the body’s in ketosis, fats are broken down and ketone bodies, or “ketones,” are created for the body to use for energy.

Keto pizza

What's Lo-Dough, and how does it fit into keto?

Lo-Dough, if you haven't heard of it, is an incredibly low carb, low calorie bread & pastry alternative, which has taken the low carb world by storm. Lo-Dough in its original form is very keto friendly as it’s incredibly low carb (2.2g per piece). That means you can have a pizza base, a wrap or a kebab for almost no carbs at all.

But that’s not all.

Anyone who has been on a keto diet will tell you that the biggest challenge is being consistent, and keeping up the good work. Weeks and months go by and the temptation to fall of the wagon and eat a bowl of pasta can get too much. Lo-Dough offers a magical solution to this, in that it IS your bread, your pasta, and your ultimate alternative to the things you would normally miss out on. If you are maintaining ketosis but you could murder a delicious pizza, go ahead!


Track your carbs 

Your overall carb intake should be kept very low (and fat high) so the body utilises its fat-burning abilities. On keto, you have to watch your carbs down to the last gram - ketosis is only achievable if you are super diligent about your consumption. Online resources like MyFitnessPal can help you do this.

Lo-Dough recipes for staying in ketosis

Keto is a lifestyle, not a diet you can dip in and out of. With Lo-Dough maintaining your ketosis is simple. Lo-Dough as a bread and pastry alternative is in itself keto friendly because of it's wonderfully low carb content. If you make this work for you, and keep your pizza toppings, wrap fillings and other additions equally low carb, you are onto a winner. 

Keto Recipe 1. Slimming Friendly Pizza

(6g carbs)

Keto pizza

Those trying to keep the calories low on keto - this is your dream pizza. Lo-Dough is your answer to an easy and ridiculously low carb pizza base. A pizza base for 2.2g carbs - possibly never been done before without using vegetables as part of the base!

The entire 9 inch pizza has only 6g carbs - who said pizza is off the menu on keto?

See full recipe here 

Keto Recipe 2. Bacon & Cheese Toastie 

Keto cheese & bacon toastie

(6g carbs)

An indulgent, bacon-flavoured, cheese-oozing toastie with Lo-Dough as your bread alternative. Low carb bread which tastes the part - a dream for ketogenic dieters. You are free to go nuts on the fatty fillings knowing that your "toast" has 2.2g carbs. It's done and dusted in a few minutes too, in a press grill.

Note: Do not put Lo-Dough in the toaster, use a press grill for this.

See full recipe here 

Keto Recipe 3. Keto Chorizo Fritters

(6g carbs)

Keto chorizo fritters recipe

Low carb or keto diets can be tough to maintain, but, have you seen this photo? Using Lo-Dough to make fritters is a life changer. There are so many regular Lo-Dough users who say they have never looked back after discovering the delights of low carb fritters. What a breakfast. And they're not as hard to make as they might look. Click below to see how it's done.

See full recipe here 

Keto Recipe 4. Succulent Steak & Salad Wrap

(7g carbs)

keto steak wrap

 Wraps are high in carbs as any good keto eater will know, and in general, much like white bread, pizza, pasta and so on, they are off the menu. Again, Lo-Dough is an alternative for many, many things, a wrap being just one of them. This is an example of how much freedom you get from going Lo-Dough. 

See full recipe here

Keto Recipe 5. Salmon & Broccoli Pesto Pizza

(7g carbs)

keto salmon pizza

Eat pizza, lose weight - the slice of great news every slimmer wants to hear - especially it you're watching the carbs. Try this superb low carb pizza with salmon and pesto, loading up as much as you want with the fish! 

See full recipe here

How To Use Lo-Dough

More info about Lo-Dough, and more ideas on the Lo-Dough  'how to use guide' 

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