The Beginner’s Guide to Lo-Dough

New to Lo-Dough? Have no fear, we’re here to help you make the best of your journey.

First of all, congratulations on making your first step towards healthier living (and tastier eating).

Assuming you’ve just ordered your first box of Lo-Dough - the ideas on how you can use it are probably already flowing. After all, there’s so much you can do.

Let us nudge you in the right direction...

The first and most important point to make when it comes to using Lo-Dough is that it is designed to be a carrier of flavour as opposed to the ‘main event’. Yes, it is used as an alternative to bread, but your body doesn't treat it like bread, so we wouldn’t treat it as bread when cooking with it.

Lo-Dough is best rolled out in its original form (for making pasta and pastry) and crisped up in a frying pan for pizza, wraps and toasties. While we would never put Lo-Dough in the toaster, there is a multitude of other amazing things we can do with it as follows:

Lo-Dough Pizza


The average pizza base ranges between 500 and 1000 calories, and with Lo-Dough being just 39 calories means we have flipped pizza on its head. Now you can have a gluten-free, 39 calorie base containing only 2.2g carbs. Lo-Dough high in fibre, and carries all of your favourite pizza toppings beautifully.

For best results, fry a piece of Lo-Dough in a hot frying pan for 30-60 seconds on each side. You can use Frylight (a low-calorie cooking spray) or olive oil. This ‘crisps’ the pizza base. Add good quality passata, cheese and your favourite toppings before baking at 180˚C for 9-15 minutes until golden.

Sidenote: We find 9 minutes works exceptionally well, however all ovens, and therefore results are different, so experiment at home to see what works for you.

Lo-Dough pizzas also work remarkably well using both an air fryer and pizza stone. The air fryer, in particular, fits with the Lo-Dough shape and ease of cooking like a dream.

You can check out our pizza recipe section here.

Making Pastry with Lo-Dough

Quiche, pasties, pies and puddings are now all possible with Lo-Dough. Seal the edges with water, baste in egg wash and fill with your favourite flavours.The steak and kidney pudding has gone down a storm with our customers. If we consider that the average steak and kidney pudding contains 35-40g carbs, then it no wonder Lo-Dough has caused a 2.2g carb sensation.

The method for each dish is an article in itself and each of you will soon be receiving our pastry special in the coming days. Lo-Dough pie, for example, requires a 20cm pie dish and plate.

Once you have greased your pie dish, a piece of Lo-Dough will be inserted into the bottom of the dish followed  by your favourite pie filling. The second piece of Lo-Dough goes on top and the plate will be used to press down firmly before baking, basting with egg wash and baking for 20 minutes.

Check out the Lo-Dough pastry recipes here 

Mexican Food with Lo-Dough

Fajitas, quesadillas and burritos the low-carb, gluten-free way. We love using Lo-Dough as a vessel to carry rich and decadent flavours, and if you’re a cheese lover then there’s nothing better than a gooey, melting quesadilla.

Most low-calorie, low carb Mexican food recipes use stuffed peppers in replacement of bread or forgo the bread completely. By using Lo-Dough, you can still create your favourite low-carb Mexican recipes and rejoice in the flavour sensation.

We use the Lo-Dough ‘as it is’ for fajitas, and the sandwich press for burritos. If you do have a sandwich press, you’ll find that a magnitude of recipe ideas are made possible, otherwise, the ‘frying and pressing’ technique works just as well.

Click here for our low calorie Quesadilla recipes 

Kebabs, Burgers and Wraps

No longer a deadly sin, Lo-Dough can be used to make burgers, kebabs and decadent wraps at anytime hunger makes its presence known. From the cheeseburger toastie to the 150 calorie kebab experience, Lo-Dough changes everything.

We have several wrap/toastie recipes available on the Lo-Dough website. For the kebab, we splash the Lo-Dough with water before frying. This prevents it drying out.

Once your favourite ingredients are in the centre of your now wrapped Lo-Dough, you can use a hot griddle pan and press down firmly for 20 seconds in order to ‘seal the deal’.

Breakfasts with Low Calories 

Eggs Benedict, eggy (French) bread, BLT and low-carb breakfast pancakes. You can have fun creating shapes. We cut it into triangular quarters for bacon sandwiches, ‘as it is’ for eggy bread and pastry cutters for everything else.

Use your sandwich press to make bacon/sausage sandwiches, or fry off for 30-60 seconds on each side with your favourite toppings sandwiched in between. Leftover Lo-Dough shapes can be used as a dipping tool for your favourite Shakshuka or soft-boiled eggs.

Lo-Dough Desserts

Sweet chocolate pizza, fruit pudding flan and baked egg custard. By using a round pastry tin or cake pan and Lo-Dough as the base, you can now create your favourite dessert or pudding. Gingerbread star cookies are created by using a star cutter to create the shape and butter, ginger and sweetener to create the flavour.

Don't Forget....

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