14 Low Carb Snack Ideas

Low Carb Finger Food For All Occasions 

Although big dinner parties might still be off the table, that doesn’t mean delicious snack food has to be! As the weather is slowly getting better, we can almost see picnic season peeking over the horizon - and with it comes a whole array of delicious finger foods. Everything from sausage rolls to quiche to cupcakes, we’ve got the perfect light bites to enjoy when you’re out and about. However, unlike shop-bought alternatives, you can enjoy all of that indulgence while still keeping the carbs down. Below you can find 14 of our favourite low carb snacks and finger food ideas,

Low carb quiche

Low Carb Bread and Pastry Alternative

Snacking season is fully underway and, if you’re anything like us, you’re reaching for the delicious carb-heavy goodies. And there’s nothing wrong with this. But, if you want to cut the carbs and still enjoy these treats, Lo-Dough is the perfect ingredient for healthy, low-calorie snacks. Per base it contains just 39 calories and a little over 2g carbs. Got more of a sweet tooth? Not to worry. With our pre-prepared brownie mix, you only need to add water and bake and you get 9 chocolatey brownies for just 4.1g carbs and 65 calories each. 

Low carb sausage roll

Tear-and-share Sausage Rolls (4g carbs each)

Everything you love about sausage rolls, packaged up in a perfect, snack-sized bite. We have said tear-and-share but will be impressed if you do! 

Low carb jalapeno poppers

Jalapeno Poppers (5g carbs)

Check out our super simple recipe for low-calorie cheese-stuffed peppers coated in our Southern Style Coating. Ours are baked in a hot oven in around 10 minutes and will be crispy and delicious without being greasy or fatty.

Low carb quiche lorraine

Quiche Lorraine (2.3g carbs per quarter) 

You can’t have a picnic without a quiche, right? Our take on the classic Quiche Lorraine swaps out the calorific pastry for a 39 calorie Lo-Dough base. This not only helps reduce the calories and fat but also reduces carbs by up to 90%. 

low carb hot wings

Southern Style Hot Wings (6g per 4 wings plus dip)

Our take on the hot wing is a thing of beauty. Marinated wings, baked until tender, then coated in more hot sauce, breaded and baked until crispy. These wings are perfect low carb finger food, and thanks to the baking method, they are low calories.

Low carb onion rings

Onion Rings (6g carbs per 5 rings) 

Onion rings aren’t your classic healthy snack as they are usually deep-fried in oil and come with calorific coating. These are very different. By making yours with our Southern style coating, you can keep all the delicious flavour of this classic side while reducing the carbs and getting a healthy fibre kick. 

Low carb breaded brie

Keto Breaded Brie Bites (1g carbs each)

In our eyes, hot cheese is always a good idea. We’ve taken it up a level and made it even more delicious with a crunchy, low carb breaded coating. 

Low carb crackers

54 Calorie Cracker Bread (2.2g carbs)

This cracker bread takes a matter of minutes in the microwave and helps provide you with ⅓ of your recommended daily fibre. serve with some low sugar salsa, hummus, or another dip of your choosing for the perfect savoury snack.  

low carb salt and pepper prawns

Salt and Pepper Breaded Prawns (4g carbs per 6 prawns)

Unlike other coatings, our Southern style coating is gluten free, low carb and works perfect with your meat, seafood, veg, or cheese of choice. Try these with some low sugar sweet chilli sauce and you won’t be disappointed! 

Low carb nachos

Low Carb Nachos (20g carbs per half)

Having an alfresco fakeaway or games night? These nachos are the perfect centrepiece. Simply slice up your Lo-Dough base into triangles, oil, season, bake, and you’re left with awesome low carb and low calorie nachos. We topped ours with veggie chilli, sour cream and plenty of cheese! 

Low carb courgette fritters

Courgette Fritters

Lo-Dough fritters make for a super-light, low-calorie, low-carb, high-fibre meal. Cheesy, garlicky slightly spicy and with the fresh taste of the courgette and herbs (feel free to pick your favourites), they are a vegetarian delight that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. 

Keto halloumi fries

Keto Halloumi Fries (4g carbs)

These incredible halloumi fries are a crispy-coated delight, made for dipping, sharing and out and out enjoying. Ready in under 30 minutes, they are so easy to make as well. We've baked them in the hottest possible oven and served ours with a yoghurt and harissa dip.

Get the recipe >

Low carb crackers

Poppy Seed Cracker Bread (2.2g carbs)

By rolling out your Lo-Dough base as thin as possible and adding poppy seeds, herbs and onion salt, you can create a tasty, filling, fibre-rich cracker bread for a crazy 47 calories and 9g fibre for the lot. 

lLow carb cupcakes

Low Carb Orange Cream Cupcakes (4g carbs)

This cupcakes couldn't be easier to make. With our just-add-water brownie mix, low carb cupcakes and brownies become a delicious reality - and take no time at all! 

Low carb brownies

Low Carb Peanut Butter Brownies (5g carbs per brownie)

If you’re looking for different ways to customise your brownie mix, a delicious layer of peanut butter in the middle could be the sweet surprise you’re after. We used a low-calorie peanut butter powder mixed with water, helping to keep these at 5g carbs each.

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