Best Recipes To Fuel Your Next Hike | Low Carb recipes for walkers

Best Energy Foods For Hiking

When the sun is shining, few things are more uplifting than getting out into the countryside and taking a long walk. The mental health benefits are well understood and the overall physical and general health benefits go without saying. Being in the great outdoors is without doubt, great.

If planning a long hike, you want to be well fuelled before, during and after. If following a low carb diet, keeping your energy levels up without the slow release energy from your carbohydrates can be a challenge, but thankfully, Lo-Dough is here to help you navigate your way through this problem. As for the walk, we’d recommend good GPS or a map! Needless to say - HYDRATE! Before and during, be sure to have plenty of water - you should be drinking no less than 2 litres a day anyway, and if you are out for a walk, you are likely to exceed this by some way.

What should I eat before a long distance walk? The best high energy food for hiking

You definitely don’t want to be heading out on an empty stomach. If setting off in the morning, be sure to eat a healthy, nutrient dense breakfast. Alternatively, if setting off after lunch, the same rules apply. Balance is key - You are looking for good amounts of (healthy) fats, protein and vitamins and minerals and something that is light, yet filling. By serving things like fruits, cheeses, nuts, meats etc with Lo-Dough, you are also getting an incredible fibre boost, which will aid with satiating your appetite during your walk. 

Breakfast ideas to eat before a long walk 

Here are a few nicely balanced and light-yet-satisfying breakfasts to enjoy before a long walk:

Keto breakfast burrito


Keto breakfast burrito cut in half on brown paper


Packed to the gills with protein and healthy fats (avocado, egg), this is the perfect savoury breakfast to fuel your walk. 

Pesto eggs on cheese toasts


Pesto fried eggs on Lo-Dough cheesy toast on a grey plate


Delicious and full of essential fats and protein, this is a fantastic, simple breakfast to set you up for a hike. 

Fruit and waffles


Lo-Dough waffles with mixed berries, yoghurt and syrup on top


This is a great, filling but light breakfast to enjoy before a big day. Perhaps serve with some flaked almonds or chopped pistachios to up your healthy fats. 

Easy lunch ideas to fuel and afternoon walk

Veggie pizza


Lo-Dough veggie supreme pizza on a board


Load your pizza with plenty of vegetables to make this pizza have even more benefits! Thanks to Lo-Dough it’s already low-carb, low-calorie and high fibre and your fats and protein are guaranteed with the cheese - so get those vitamins and minerals in with plenty of colourful vegetables!

Hummus and feta flatbread


Lo-Dough moroccan flatbread cut up on some brown paper


A super simple preparation will net you a fantastically balanced middle-eastern style baked flatbread.

Falafel wrap


Lo-Dough open falafel wrap on brown crinkled paper


Nothing beats a quick wrap. Load up with salads and falafels for a healthy and balanced lunch to power you through an afternoon hike. 

Healthy snacks to enjoy on your walk

It goes without saying, you should have plenty of water and some lightweight, nutrient dense snacks for walking - packs of nuts, fruits etc. But if you are looking for low-sugar treats and pick-me-ups, here are some of our favourites to pack into your rucksack. 

Jumbo choc-chip, low-calorie cookies


Lo-Dough double chocolate chip cookies on brown paper with a bite out


Easy to make, utterly delicious and yet, low in carbs and sugars, soft, chewy cookies made with our Brownie Mix are the perfect mid walk snack.

Blueberry muffins


Lo-Dough blueberry muffins


Our blueberry muffins are a great low cal, low carb snack, pack with fruit and fibre. Made with our Vanilla Sponge Mix, these super light, beautiful, low carb cakes are perfect for a mid-walk stop. 

Lo-Dough Miracle Cake Bars

Lo-Dough caramel crunch miracle cake bar with a bite out

Our cake bars are an amazing high fibre, sweet treat. Ready to go with no preparation required, these are perfect for a last minute hike, if you have no time to prepare.