An Incredible 1 Day Meal Plan for 1600 Calories that includes Wine, Pizza & A Brownie!

3 Indulgent meals, a Brownie AND a Glass of Wine?! With Lo-Dough you diet SMARTER, not harder!

Check out an example daily meal plan idea to get you dieting in style this January. Use Lo-Dough to take all the stress out of dieting - do it our way and you can be relaxing with wine at the end of the day and STILL be on plan. Some canny meal prep at the weekend and in the evenings could have you on course for the most satisfying diet days ever! 

Example Day:


Start your day with a mug cake! This blackcurrant and raspberry mug cake is just 158 calories, 1 of your 5 a day AND a massive 1/3 of your daily. Don't forget - you can have this made up in a mug (just cover with cling film) and take it to work. Serve with your favourite yoghurt (approx 50 kcal).

Alternative sweet breakfast? Try this breakfast pan sandwich for 250 kcal

Low Cal Breakfast

Morning Snack

Have a banana (89 kcal) or any fruit of your choice. 


For lunch, if you're in work, you're gonna wanna try taking some Lo-Dough quiche. Try this roast chicken and broccoli quiche (a great leftovers dish itself after a Sunday roast). 2 pieces will come in at 368 calories. Serve with a mixed salad (60 kcal) on the side. 

Fancy a super simple wrap instead? Try this Thai Curry Chicken Wrap for 254 kcal 

Low Calorie Quiche

Afternoon snack 

Go with a Lo-Dough Brownie - almost guaranteed to be under 100 kcal no matter which recipe you choose. 

Low Calorie Brownie


For Dinner, lets heat things up a bit with this Low-Calorie Spicy Veg pizza. The pizza comes in at 280 calories. Serve it with a portion of our sweet potato fries (138 calories) and our delicious side salad with french dressing (72 kcal)! 

How about a cheeky fakeaway pizza without the sides? Try our Magical Meat Feast for 436 kcal! 

Low Calorie Pizza 

Sweet Potato Fries

Low Calorie Salad

ALL the above comes in a 1325 kcal for the day. That's still 300 kcal short of the 1600 diet-goal target (which itself is way below the 2000kcal daily recommended intake for women)! This leaves you plenty of calorific room for any other fruit snacks, low cal drinks, cups of that that you might want and still leave room for a glass of wine when you sit down at the end of the day! 

Even if you can't incorporate Lo-Dough into every meal of the day - just one meal swap a day could make a huge difference, allowing you to hit targets and enjoy pizza and other treats while doing it! Mix and match recipes as you wish - have a meat feast pizza and ditch the fries. Go crazy at breakfast and have a lighter wrap for lunch. If you wanna diet smarter, just make it with Lo-Dough.