Easter Recipes | Low Calorie Food Ideas For Easter

Easy Recipes To Enjoy Over Easter

Easter is a time for celebration and enjoyment, where we celebrate the changing of the season and the change in weather this time of year brings. With that meteorological shift, our food changes too. Spring lamb is in season and will be adorning many a dinner table come Easter Sunday. It isn’t the most diet friendly meat (keto notwithstanding), but boy is it tasty. But what do you have with it if you are trying to stick to a low-carb diet? Well, below we offer a few great suggestions and a handy recipe or two for using up leftovers. 

Low calorie gluten free Easter brownies

Easter Eggs and other Chocolate treats

For many though, it’s all about the chocolate. Eggs and bunnies of all shapes and sizes will have been lined up and down supermarket aisles, waiting to be picked off the shelves as gifts and treats. 

All well and good; a little treat every once in a while is a fine thing. But for those looking to stick to their diet plan throughout this period, it can be a little tricky. Well, again, it’s Lo-Dough to the rescue with a few selected chocolate recipes that manage to keep the cals and carbs miraculously low, for the level of indulgence offered.  

Breaking the fast in a healthier way

After giving up one thing or another for lent, it’s certainly a good thing to let your hair down and indulge over the Easter weekend. But maybe during your fasting, you might have at least felt that reducing your intake of sugary treats (for example) offered a few surprising benefits? If that’s the case, perhaps now is the time to build some of what you discovered into your lifestyle going forward. If that is the case, Lo-Dough can help you stick to a lower sugar, lower carb or lower calorie diet while still enjoying all the flavours you crave and love.

Low Calorie and Low Carb Easter Recipes:

Low calorie Easter mini egg cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes 

Easter comes but once a year and if you are looking for reduced sugar treats that won't pile on the calories or massively ramp up the carbs, then these cupcakes are the ones for you. This recipe is great for kids and big kids alike.  

Low calorie gluten free easter chocolate cake

Easter Chocolate Cake

Our low carb, low sugar chocolate cake is pure luxury and just perfect for Easter. It’s also over 200 calories per serving - although it tastes like much more! 

Low calorie gluten free vanilla sponge cake

Celebration Cake

We made this originally to celebrate the launch of our Vanilla Sponge Mix, but this low-carb cake would be perfect on a table groaning with treats for Easter.

BBQ lamb wrap

Lamb Wrap

Lo-Dough loves leftovers and lamb is no different. Check out this lamb wrap for recipe inspiration. Remember - this is a low-carb wrap that is big on flavour. 

Low calorie low carb spice lamb flatbread

Lamb Flatbread

Alternatively, turn that lamb into a low-carb pizza-like flatbread - full of Moroccan flavour.

Low carb sausage stuffing


Lamb is an expensive meat and if you are looking to make it go that little bit further on the big day, you should think about stuffing it. The recipe here is a traditional stuffing, but to make it fit the lamb, you could add apricots, mint, olives, rosemary - even anchovies. Play around and get creative and make this low-carb stuffing your own.